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Lose it now, miss it later.

Go for what you want when the time comes instead of regretting all that you never did later on. Some things only come around once in a lifetime. 10 more words

Never give up on Love.

Rosario’ism 7/30/14: Never give-up on love. “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”-a quote by Ms. Angelou. Even when you feel defeated and like the last heartbreak left your heart without any more blood, take a deep breath and remind yourself that your veins will constantly fill your heart with more blood and as long as it’s pumping, it has the ability to love again and over again. 18 more words


never forever - old poems 2007 iii

never forever

The train rides by razors
It comes in every delicious flavors
There’s an empty sort, of tourism
On the planet Earth, o where is it? 153 more words


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