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Binge Reviews: Neverland Duloagy by Anna Katmore

Sometimes you find something when browsing your Kindle that you just have to read even though you have your doubts.  The Neverland duloagy by Anna Katmore is one of those finds.   1,839 more words


Peter Pan Speaks: Daily Prompt


It’s all a lie, you know, adulthood, I mean.

There is no such thing.

Take it from me.

It’s all just children getting older and older and more wizened, and not having fun anymore. 292 more words

Daily Prompt

Adventure 35 - Seven Stories

Seven Stories is the National Centre for Children’s Books.  They have a brilliant exhibition on at the moment called Moving Stories, based on innovative television and film adaptations of children’s books.  127 more words

The Big Brownie Birthday


If you haven’t discovered “Endeavour” (check your PBS station; season 1 is on Netflix), please do so. The episodes are excellent and very well written; I usually watch them multiple times. 81 more words

TV & Movies

The Neverland of Facebook

As one of my Facebook contacts pointed out last night, her wall “is often filled with substantial posts, or the opposite, or something in between”. You find all sorts of things on Facebook, that’s a truth I can’t refute. 509 more words


Return to Neverland

It’s 5:00 am now and way past my bed time, I imagine Wee Willie Winkie himself must be in bed dreaming away. Yet here I am playing Russian roulette with insomnia as a storm rages outside my window.  413 more words


Quote Of The Month

“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you, Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” 133 more words

Peter Pan