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And She Flew

Overcome with a fit of wheezes and coughs, Olivia stumbled forward, sending her oxygen tank toppling to the floor with a loud thud. With trembling hands, she bent forward painfully to retrieve the device. 3,223 more words


Casually stalking children

Am I the only twenty-something year old that finds themself in a strange middle ground? I’m getting married in 5 weeks and I already have our future children names picked out but i’m also wishing I was 16 again. 79 more words

First Post

Excerpt: HOOK'S REVENGE by Heidi Schulz

Captain Hook’s feisty daughter hits the high seas to avenge her father’s death at the jaws of the Neverland crocodile in Heidi Schulz’s spirited middle-grade debut. 1,296 more words


Dreamcast memories - Record of Lodoss War

In March, 2001, Sega announced that the Dreamcast would end production signalling the final nail in the coffin for their last, albeit technically advanced, push for a piece of the console pie. 1,972 more words


"Dark hollow" favorite things (Once S3E7)

This is going to be a shorter blog with a few of my favorite things and highlights from the episode entitled “Dark Hollow”.  

  1. the line “the future isnt always what it seems”.
  2. 276 more words

"Part of your world"-Ariel comes to Storybrooke!! Once S3E6 Recap

Finally Ariel, one of my personal favorite disney princess gets introduced into the Once universe.  I am so excited to see her story intergrated into the show even if it is a small role.   537 more words


"Good Form" Once s3e5 recap

A Hook backstory, Hook and Charming as an unlikely duo, our heros are finally working together and trying to trust eachother, an amazing episode

  1. It is only right that in a Captain Hook centric episode that I see similarities wih my favorite Peter Pan story, the movie “Hook”.  
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