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Solo run

I’ve not ever run more than half an hour alone. Completely alone.
Thursday morning I was jonesing for a run, since I’d not done so since the race on Saturday. 186 more words


Gods and Umbrellas: Alex Reads Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman makes you believe in magic—fairy tales and swords and sorcery sometimes, but mostly, and in what I’ve decided is my favourite genre of fantasy, corner-of-your-eye magic. 1,135 more words

Alex Reads

Book Review: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

by Neil Gaiman

Published by Harper Perennial in 2003 (first published in 1996).

Neil Gaiman is an interesting author for me. His fans are almost religious in their praise of him, and people trust his judgment, his writing, his words, almost without question. 523 more words


Review: Neverwhere

I’m late to the party on this one. I have lots of friends who have recommended Gaiman’s work to me for years, but I always had something more pressing to read. 504 more words


30 Day Book Challenge // 21

Book you tell people you’ve read but haven’t.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

I know one of my friends is going to be really annoyed that I didn’t finish this book. 72 more words


20 November 2014 -- #haiku

one of those days
she drinks the nice cup of tea
dives into a book

– Today’s theme is escape. I love reading, and can often find escape in a great read. 33 more words


The bourn from which no traveller returns

Neil Gaiman Neverwhere:
The Author’s Preferred Text

Headline Review 2005 (1996)

In fairytales the overlooked, usually youngest son or daughter in a family commits an act of kindness that allows him or her to succeed where the other brothers or sisters didn’t. 553 more words