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Maitreya Watch or Mehdi

Video of Mehdi and Shia Islamists

I do not know what this video is trying to depict, but it reminds me of the aperations of Mary in Spain and Portugal but this is not in either of those countries but in the so called middle East. 55 more words

New-Age Bullshit Generator

Okay, this is just fun stuff.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate meaningless new age drivel at the click of a mouse?

Think of how impressed all your higher consciousness, woo friends will be when you speak to them from several different dimensions – … 75 more words

Fun Stuff


There are many people throughout the world who seek Godhood. This is popularised throughout the New Age Movement. I am spiritual but I view the divinity in me as a seed of God. 810 more words



You never said: do it yourself

My blood tissue infested with;

I can do it without you virus

In my pride:

I became a disciple of Frederich Nietzsche… 251 more words


The Kingdom on Earth

Mankind stands today on the threshold of a new era commonly referred to as the Age of Aquarius. As the spiral of history unfolds and a previous age comes to an end, new possibilities are emerging for the physical, spiritual and political development of humanity. 5,324 more words

Ryan Hite

The New Axial Age

We are rapidly entering an axial time, a new age which may well be decisive for humanity and the Earth. It will be an age unlike any other in the issues it will resolve, in the direction it assumes, in the consciousness that guides it, and in the truly global civilization it will fashion. 3,498 more words

Ryan Hite

A New Axial Age?

Book of Dreams pg 582

Book of Anthems pg 125

Letter to the Guardian Angel of Smyrna pg 541

Teachings of the West pg 384… 3,078 more words

Ryan Hite