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Midwife of Creation

To all divine beings incarnate in a human body at this time. If you are feeling that homesickness, heed the call. These human bodies you inhabit now have not known the fullness of unity consciousness you are faintly remembering and yearning for. 204 more words


Tarot Tip #46: Get into the Tarot Frame of Mind

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Questions about the Tarot?

Ask away!

I’ll answer your question and if I choose it as part of a Tarot Tip post, I’ll credit you and link to your blog/business/Etsy shop! 18 more words

Tarot Tip


The man who never listened to the troubles of his wife

fell down the escalator at King’s Cross station.

No-one met his eyes,

as he lay sickly on the concrete, 429 more words


The Significance of Bindhi

Yo man, bindhi ain’t cool.”


*is slapped*


That’s what you get, jerk.


Anyway, whats the big deal about bindhi? Bindhi is beautiful and of course, is a personal choice. 237 more words



How you want to say some words
and make the magic come.

Bang the drums with stubborn hands
that beat because they must and then… 58 more words

The Blue

Faces tilted up
basking in the silken sounds of the deep voice
warmed to life with the slow burn of bass
and piano
and drum; 72 more words

Star Gazing Meditation

Use this meditation when laying underneath the stars for a cool, healing experience! My goal is to get you to feel that true ONENESS.. with the stars, earth, universe, and everyone.