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11-20-14 All is Well

Dear Ones, All is well. You cannot mess things up! What’s meant to happen, will happen. Your divine creator is in charge. You must take actions in the physical world, however trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. 15 more words

December 2013

SERIAL NO. 2; Assume the Position

Elias lies on his back silently. He keeps his eyes closed, and he doesn’t move, not even when he’s been lying down long enough in one position for the average person to grow fidgety. 98 more words


6th Degree Magickal Initiation


    In one sense the 6th degree is an administrative degree and continues working with group energy. While the 4th and 5th degrees allow the initiate to form their local circle or chapter the 6th degree grants authority for a larger group like a Lodge. 696 more words

Easy Runes

I really like the idea of casting runes. As someone who’s primarily card-divination based, I find it a refreshing idea.

But as my current path is Celtic/Druid based, things like Futhark runes would not necessarily mesh with my path. 235 more words


It's a Wrap - Oprah's Bell Tour over the Converging Streams Bridge

As the spiritual mud thickens, the direction of once prominent emerging church leaders becomes more clear…

The following is an update to a previous blog posting here at… 139 more words

New Age

And so it begins... I hope.

It’s been a while since I last gave a reading.. well discounting the two I’ve just completed the other day, but glide over that or I’ll ruin the moment. 133 more words

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