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7-28-14 Love

Dear Ones, It matters not what you do, if you do it with love. There is so much searching and seeking. But alas, be still. Be yourself. 39 more words

December 2013

Who Is Jesus to You?

1 – Day 39

“My beloved,

“It is time now to come to your own discovery of who I Am to you. No one can give you this answer, not even me, because this is the nature of who we are. 1,184 more words


Thankful for

Gratitude is not just about being appreciative of all the good in your life now. It’s easy to say thank you and smile when somebody treats you nice. 69 more words

Thoughtful Invocation

I took the time to wait

and for that it was all in vain

I ran another dollar to my thoughts

they too ended in shame… 91 more words


Duality-Sexual Alchemy Part 2

6. At this point it is time for him to slack off and forget about romance for awhile. He should just enjoy her company and share social activities with her. 509 more words

Happiness Comes Wholly From Within

Anyone who maintains that happiness comes wholly from within should be compelled to spend thirty-six hours in rags in a blizzard in sub-zero weather without food.

Bertrand Russell


Mandalas: Their Meaning & How to Meditate with Mandala Sacred Geometry

Mandalas represent a sacred geometry that emits and attracts positive energy. Sanskrit for “circle”, a mandala represents wholeness and the Divine, our relation to eternity, and unity between the world within our body and mind and the world outside. 552 more words

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