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Beware Of The Kool Aid

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s during children programing it was very common to see advertisements for Kool-Aid brand drink mix, promoted as a great refreshment for thirsty children. 625 more words



water and earth
where you are cast
no spell nor adverse
purpose will last
not in complete
accord with me
as my word floats
by land or by sea… 262 more words

Magickal Arts

Funky Artist Is Broke- Needs Sales

Let me tell you about this “vibration” I’ve been in.

I have been broke for far too long. I’ve been on food stamps for a while now and while I still need them, they were taken away after a re-filing misunderstanding. 708 more words


Inspiration for 2015

Since 2015 arrived, I have been participating in some life changes. Positive things have been manifesting all over the place, and I am very grateful.  However, I want to keep that momentum going, and that means that I need to be present and accountable for all of my habits, thoughts, and behaviors. 133 more words


1-28-15 Gifts

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Be gentle with yourselves. Practice the love and compassion that you wish others would show you, on yourself. 28 more words

December 2013

Easy Incense Storage Can

The other night a witch from a Facebook Group I posted in made a post sharing her idea and I think it’s genius.

She had used decorative scrapbook paper to cover an empty Pringles can, turning it into a nice place to store her incense. 122 more words


If You’re Alone, It’s Probably Not ‘Church’

I’ve noticed something lately. Though it can’t possibly be the first time. Friends who go on long hikes to beautiful places or see a gorgeous sunset over the ocean or listen to a particularly inspiring piece of music or go to a museum to see priceless art describe those experiences as “going to church.” Or they say that the place they just visited “is church.” I know I haven’t just now heard the word church used in this way, but for some reason the language choice has become profoundly jarring to me. 644 more words

Church Leadership