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The next 3 years.....

The weeks, months and years went on and I must admit the worse was happening under my eyes but because I was convinced I was fixed I never even realised. 363 more words


Lucky Number 18

I’ve been terrible about updating this week! I still need to post the little lady’s 4 month update, which was this past Tuesday, but for now, we’ll focus on the fact that our sweet princess is now 18 weeks old. 320 more words

New Baby

An Update And Some Really Big News

It’s been almost 5 months since my last post and man have things been crazy around here.

In August we officially started homeschool/unschool with Princess in Pre-K and Little Man getting in on some Tot Schooling.  560 more words

Seven Quick Takes in a busy time

Next week, I’ll have the whole week off.  Woohoo and hooray for Thanksgiving Break!  In the meantime, things are busy ’round these parts.  Much has happened (I realized I never did a post on Halloween… how?!).   552 more words

Our First Night Out

On Saturday, Mark and I went out without the tiny one for the first time since her arrival into the sweet little world. In fact, Charlotte has only had a “babysitter” twice… Once my parents and once Mark’s mom… Both for verrrry short periods of time. 470 more words

New Baby

Welcoming a new sibling: 7 tips on how to help kids get along with the new baby

Wow, time flies, I haven’t been making my videos or blogging, all thanks to working full time and being a mom.  Teaching drama, dance and choir can do that you know?   428 more words


Welcome, Little Girl

It’s been a busy autumn season, with some exciting additions and changes, but surely foremost among these is the arrival of our first grandchild, a little girl! 69 more words