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The love

So my second baby has arrived. She made quite a dramatic entrance, or at least she came much faster than her brother did three years ago. 676 more words

Birth And Parenting

A Shrimpress Story

This is the story of how my heart exploded.

On May 17, 2014 Zee Hubs and I paced around the apartment counting contractions. We snacked on what we expected to be the last “real food” for the weekend, tried to bide our time with a movie and counted…minutes….seconds….contractions. 1,090 more words

It Just Got Personal

Ten Commandments of Parenting

Parenting is one of the most important jobs that we will ever do. Ten simple common sense guidelines will help you raise confident kids and resilient teenagers. 509 more words


A busy behind the scenes August for the Kanjo kids

It seems to have been a hectic month of holidays, home moves, a new baby and so much more… here are some August highlights that have kept us occupied

A lifetime of mothering has taught me what?

I have been a parent now for over twenty years. In that time I have become a very different mother to the anxious, overly protective, young Mom I was to my first baby. 1,088 more words


Bump to Baby Photos: An Alternative Image

A recent trend has seen new mothers photographing themselves with their babies, and posting the image next to a photo of themselves in the same pose while pregnant. 745 more words


Happy Birth Day!

Birthdays and babies to be born in the not-too-distant future seem to be a large part of my landscape this month. Books are by far my favorite “welcome to the world” gift. 231 more words