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The new...the young...the newfound...

A new blog for a new life…? Not really…but let’s say for new beginnings!
I just moved to Japan and would like to share with you my experience in this totally new world.


What is fun?

As I sat here with the chilly morning breeze coming through the window, I started to contemplate my goals and what I would like to accomplish in this new stage in my life. 885 more words

Finding My Lost Self

Divorce actually begins during marriage.  You’d think it happens after everyone is heartbroken and living in separate quarters or houses.  But it doesn’t.  Divorce begins with the first little rip in your heart that doesn’t heal back up.  321 more words


Don't be a jobsworth

“What’s a jobsworth, Daddy?”  The boy had lost interest in the question (and the answer) by the time we managed an explanation, but Daddy’s advice (as always) was worth repeating: 89 more words


To the ones I cherish

I am so incredibly grateful that there are still people who carry their heart on their sleeves, ready to share it with you for a while in order to help you achieve clarity. 188 more words


New beginnings

I’ve made some wonderful new friends lately. I’ve had someone who is there for me 100%. I’m happy these days, I’m hopeful of my future that’s all I can really ask for. 17 more words


Today, I do something DARING

The other night at work, I was sitting in the dining area for the evening and they had Pandora tuned to a Country channel. Normally, I wouldn’t mind, but all the songs there were playing were songs that my ex-boyfriend loved and/or sent to me as little love notes every so often. 654 more words