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Actually, I had this idea before “General” Matilda created Ace of Spades, so I guess I’m not really doing that.
Anyways, we’re getting off track. I was debating whether or not to make a new blog (I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen). 81 more words

New Blog

Well i’ve decided to take up blogging again after so many failed attempts. I usually stick to it for about a week or two, and promptly lose interest. 17 more words

3 Weeks

A View from the Window


Essex, Berkshire, Cambridge MA, Hong Kong, Notting Hill, Notting Hill (again!), Chelsea NYC

So as you may or may not gather from the above, I’ve moved around quite a bit in my 20 odd years. 20 more words


home sweet home

When you think of home what comes to your mind?

“Home” doesn’t only mean your house your apartment, it means the place that made you and the place that you come from. 416 more words


Dupes 101: Muji vs. Ikea

Muji, a common brand among the beauty blogger lifestyle. Used by the God’s of the trade, Lily Pebbles, Anna from VDM, Tanya Burr the list is endless. 323 more words


100 Happy Days Challenge





feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

                I never understood what made people happy. I mean its different for everyone really. Food makes me happy, so does hot baths and chocolate, however this is just me. 309 more words

“Has Leah Got a New Web Address?” said No One Ever Because Who Cares?

When you’re a writer, the simple act of announcing that your blog address has changed becomes an unwieldy task. It’s not enough to quickly state the news – news that nobody, not even your mother, is likely to be interested in. 187 more words