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Greetings, earthlings!

Hello there! Well, I’ve finally done it – I’ve created my very own personal blog. Honestly, I made this blog a long time ago under a different name and let it collect dust for a while, but I thought, hey, it’s the summer before college starts and all I’ve done is dog sit for the neighbors and butt sit on the couch watching House. 255 more words


First Blog!

Hello Everyone!

   I’ve never made a blog and I’m not really sure how to work this but I figured it’s worth a try! Some info of myself is that I’d like my identity to be kept secret (I just think it would be a little fun to do this anonymously) but you can call me KC! 277 more words

Day 2 - Really...I have to do it again?

Even though today is only day two of Advocare, it’s been a week since I began my official journey. So, lucky for me, that means it’s time for an off day. 817 more words


Welcome to my blog!

I hope that my content somehow manages to make you feel cheery, inspired & fulfilled. Maybe not all three at once- but a girl can dream, right? 49 more words

About Me

Somewhere to start...

I really can’t say that this was exactly where I pictured myself at twenty four. Recently laid off, living at my parents house, and finally getting around to finish that degree I started fresh out of high school. 308 more words

First Post

I want double mayo, hold the mayo

Hey everyone welcome to my blog again. As you know I often discuss the complicated process of obtaining and remaining in a relationship…. An entertainment news story has been going around saying that a gentleman on an online dating site posted 125 “deal breakers” as reasons for not contacting him. 215 more words

Let's Try This One More Time

Hello and welcome to my blog! Oh wow-that’s original…
This will be my third attempt at creating and sticking to writing a blog. The first try, two years ago, went pretty well. 51 more words