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Coming Soon!

As you may have noticed… there is nothing on our blog as of yet. We are busy learning how to blog and enjoying the holidays! Check back with us January 19th for the official launch of… 7 more words


What I'm Doing Here

Here we have a girl named D’Vaughn who wants to change her life for the better and gain a deeper, clearer understanding on what it means to live happily and healthily. 526 more words


Student Life

I can finally enjoy the Christmas holidays and continue with the blogging adventure. I’ve currently spent the last couple of weeks stuck studying and writing an essay which sucks away most of my time and enthusiasm. 143 more words



And welcome to the blog for the site for the writing for the person for the art for the money for the stability of mind so that I don’t go mad and begin walking down cul de sacs with glazed over eyes mumbling something about lines and words and letters and people I do not know… But I guess it wouldn’t be far off from where I am now.

Let’s get started.

And Being Broke

Last Minute Christmas Gift DIYs

My latest 2 DIYs on Camp Makery would make excellent last minute gifts for friends/friends with babies! If you haven’t seem them over at CM… 75 more words

Dearly Noted

Focus Your Anger!

Hey internet,

I was casually scrolling through my Facebook news feed, as you do, and I came across this picture which was posted on the Word Porn page. 473 more words

New Blog

Very first time

Well hello everyone <3

This is my very first blog post ever! So don’t judge. I already planed some things to poste but for now I’ll just introduced myself.  234 more words