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Why am I doing this blog?

After writing my first post, I started thinking to myself “why exactly do I want to start a blog”. At first it seemed obvious – I want to write about travel. 852 more words


Welcome to the Adventures of Vintage Barbie

Ok, here it goes… That big nervous step of being simply a reader of blogs to a blog writer (well kinda…) Now that the initial nervousness is fading, let me say a warm  228 more words


Why blog? /waɪ ˈblɒɡ/

Like all other bloggers, I have something to say. But in this case of blogging, my subjects are about what we use to blog – Language. 188 more words

Coming Soon...

Sorry for the lack of activity the past two days guys, I promise I haven’t got bored or QUITE disappeared off the face of the Earth, but just for lack of things going stale nothing of worth to report ! 22 more words

Blissful Boredom

I am certain that everyone has, at one point, thought to themselves ‘I’m so bored, I could die!’ on days your life lacks excitement. We sit and sulk in the idea of ‘Here we go again, just another average day, in another average week, how utterly and completely dull’. 189 more words


The Island of Love!

Today my boyfriend and I ventured on a romantic walk to Ynys Llanddwyn. It is a little island located off of Anglesey and is home to the legend of Santes Dwynwen (St. 151 more words



Redemption: The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

My journey to redemption is triggered by my friends birthday.
God bless her, she has touched many hearts and is truly a woman of God. 200 more words