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Writing Dark Romance - Cheaper than seeing a shrink!

When I was about 13, I wrote about all the usual topics – young love that will last forever, cheating bastard boyfriends, and even tried my hand at poetry. 454 more words

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My Next Book-- on it's way!

My next book is going into production! (Just a heads up to the individuals who are doing reviews, or writing a blurb– and thank you!!) I’ll be posting more information as it becomes available (release date, cover, etc.)…Happy Day! :)

New Book is here The Perfume Tree

There is a reason why authors often call the final stages of getting their book published — giving birth. It is a creative birth of what started as an idea and then scene after scene, and chapter after chapter until the conclusion. 122 more words

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Macbeth and Our Choices Combined

Currently we’re reading Macbeth in my English class. In part of the story, Macbeth has to make a life changing decision on whether he will kill the king and take the crown or stay in his place and do nothing. 339 more words


The End of Suffering (2009)

Even in the midst of these, our over-busy, bustling, and distracted lives, even in our seasons of affliction and suffering, our deepest consolation lies in consciously experiencing our mystical membership in the body of Christ.

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Tempted by the Wolf God: God of Night #3 by Belle Divine now available!

Today Love Hypothetically launches Belle Divine’s ‘Tempted by the Wolf God’ Book #3 in the God of Night series.

Nocturne has visited me several times, and my village is awash with gossip. 98 more words


The Cradle Of My Dreams

The Cradle Of My Dreams

Gazing at the trails left deep in the sand of dreams that light up my soul, the trails made by her tender whispers…when she, so playful and with the sun in her chest and the soul wide open, begin telling me her vision of immortal gods of future, kisses for poems and castles echoing with children’s laughter, our castle high up in the mountains, where no raven will ever come, where only singing will be heard and love cherished, I have written this book.Those trails of her small feet define everything happening in my reality and my dreams. 870 more words