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Redemption: Finally freed from the bondage of ourselves

Recently I preached a sermon on God’s Radical Redemption. In it I spoke of three kinds of redemption that God initiates, and ultimately finishes, some have been accomplished, while others are in the process. 1,070 more words


Interrupted - Day 12

I have to keep reminding myself of God’s perfect timing.  Things do not happen by accident or by coincidence.  I was not by “chance” that I started reading Interrupted and blogging about it smack in the middle of finishing my series about building our new house.   1,318 more words

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Interrupted - My Challenge

(We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog series to provide this short commercial break, sponsored by Humility…)

In yesterday’s post I challenged everyone (myself included) to do something “more”.   723 more words

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Interrupted - Day 11

I finished reading Phase 3 today and this one phrase keeps circling around in my head.

: “I want you and Brandon to figure out what it means to be a barefooted church.

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Interrupted - Day 10

Today’s message was so simple that at first I was like “really – that’s it…” until I let it really sink in…and realized that although simple, it was incredibly profound. 1,053 more words

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Interrupted - Day 9

So just a warning,  I’m mad today people.  Feelings I’ve been pushing down deep inside have been unleashed with a fury.  And after seeing some of these stats…you should be too. 976 more words

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Interrupted - Day 8

So I just have to say this.  For some of you, this might totally blow your mind.  Or it might make you uncomfortable or angry.  But it’s ok.   1,024 more words

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