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Asking For Trouble – or, What's Wrong With Gay Marriage?

I am not Married Classic. Traditional – that is, heterosexual – married households should not be obliged to rename themselves because non-heterosexuals want to get in on the act. 2,904 more words


The Real Story of New F1

Coming up on almost 29 years ago, Coca-Cola made what seemed at the time to be the marketing coup of the decade. The logic seemed all there: flagging market share, a determined competitor in Pepsi-Cola and market research data proving that their target consumer market was seeking “sweeter, diet” drinks. 526 more words


The Cold War: RED VS BLUE

Where to start, where to start! Well, the battle of supremacy that made two of the most recognizable brands in the world. Some would even go as far as calling it the battle of all time, it should already be creeping into your mind. 379 more words

Burger King

Can't Beat Kennedy: Kathy From Stoughton

1) Tom Bergeron is leaving “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. What dance competition reality show does he also host?

2) On the “Bachelor” finale Monday night, Juan Pablo selected Nikki Ferrell as the winner but did not propose and refused to say I Love You. 178 more words

Karson & Kennedy

Kickstarter Nation

In the last few years, KickStarter has become a household name. It has become so large, that there are numerous websites with similar structures geared towards different types of projects. 237 more words