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Cadbury’s Creme Egg- Why Firms Must Embrace Irrationality

Have you tasted a Cadbury’s Creme egg recently? I have. And I can’t taste the difference between the one I ate this year, and the one I ate last year. 1,008 more words


I Really Am That Chronological Age

Happy 778th post!

No particular reason for the happy announcement other than I felt like the blog needed some happiness post.

“Now you kids with your loud music, and your Dan Fogleberg, your Zima, hula hoops and pac-man video games, don’t you see? 515 more words

Daily Thought

Reviled Foster's finds a friend

So what do you do when you have a beer reviled in its home country? Well, you release another beer under the same name to sell to the people who dislike the other one so much. 470 more words

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