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Simple Thoughts While Shopping for Chips

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks nor can you trick him with slick marketing.

My wife says that I was old and set in my ways before my time. 687 more words

3am Thoughts

Got Old Content? You May Be Sitting On A Gold Mine

If you’ve been in the business of content marketing, blogging or SEM for any amount of time you have posts, videos and other various and sundry content scattered¬†throughout the interweb that you have long forgotten about. 375 more words


The Great Coca-Cola Conspiracy

The New Coke campaign of the early 80’s was considered one of the biggest marketing failures ever. Well, it’s not. It is in fact one of the most brilliant and immoral marketing strategies in history. 242 more words

Justifiable Paranoia

Naming Hurricanes and Natural Disaster Prevention Reposts


This was originally posted a few years ago.¬† It’s sad about people named Sandy, Katrina, and others constantly having their names associated with disasters.¬† 504 more words