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Zoob's Law

I encourage everyone to find the truth that makes you happy. We will never grow if we close our minds to truth. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. 172 more words

Essential Oils


From Milan to the world, introducing the New Golden Line Collection from Ant Pitagora a brand new T-shirt designed by Antonio Pitagora. I’m speechless about this new T-shirt concept line . 41 more words

The concept of ordering systems

When you head out to restaurants these days have you ever noticed how establishments are trying to think of new ways to “impress” their customers by steering clear of the pen, paper, person ordering system and trying something different? 203 more words



Sebagai pioneer clothing di Bandung, UNKL347 memang tak pernah berhenti berinovasi. Setelah sukses melaunching berbagai product home furnishing dengan label U&KL (Us & Kind of Life), kali ini mereka kembali membuat gebrakan baru lagi yaitu menciptakan sebuah tempat dengan konsep yang sangat menarik, dimana Anda bisa mengeksplore pengalaman kuliner yang berbeda dengan tempat lainnya, sekaligus menikmati sajian makanan berkualitas.    727 more words

Secure and Safe internet.

Whole new concept and brand-new modern technology.

Over 10,000 stores using this technology in Asia and all around globe currently.
Now, it is time for us to present you the most reliable system. 102 more words