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My daughter just said something so profound: “When you are new in a company, you have to learn the culture. But don’t be deceived. You’ll see the good and the bad. 57 more words


Breaking Rank

It’s not surprising when there are racial, ethnic, national, political, religious, socio-economic, gender, generational or other group tensions, that the folks in those groups side with their group. 14 more words



They say that a fire burns hottest at the point of origin.

God is love. God is love’s point of origin. His love is like a consuming fire. 85 more words


No Half-breed

Jesus was no half-breed.

He was fully God and fully man, full of grace and truth.  No legalism and lies.


Wrong Places

I looked for Father in all the wrong places.

He’s not in the image and likeness of how men create Him.

Jesus, the Son, is the express image of His person.

Hebrews 1:1-4


The Curse of the Law: Part 3 - Trying to Put the Pieces Back Together

First, my apologies for the delay. My wife was sick last week, so I didn’t have my usual night off to write and edit. Hopefully this post will still be welcome. 2,063 more words

Messianic Judaism