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One Armed Bandits

One armed bandits

As a parent of new born your life becomes portions of time and small areas of space throughout the day.

Time: what can you get done between nappy changes and feeds… shower? 612 more words

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One month in...

One month in and the learning curve has been sharp and steep, thankfully our ante-natal class was top notch so the basics were firmly in place for when bubs arrived. 639 more words

Inked Dad

Dads & Doulas

Someone recently requested a copy of this article, so I thought I would share it here too.  Great read for all Dads-2-Be!

5 Reasons Dads Should Demand a Doula… 791 more words

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Parenting Fails - some of the wonders I've found on the glorious internet.

The internet is a wonderful place of useful information, tips and tricks, life hacks, music and videos of our favorite artists and celebrities. It is also a place of fun and inspiration, but above all that most people use the internet to laugh at others peoples pain and misfortune. 172 more words

Fears make us who we are - but what are my fears?

We all have fears, even if someone says they don’t have any fears they are lying, not only to you but to themselves. It may be a simple fear of oranges or bubble wrap, to common fears such as spiders or dogs or snakes (why does it always have to be snakes? 1,007 more words

The Routine

Dinner is from around 6.30-7.30pm. L goes up for her bedtime feed about 8.30. As soon as she does, I start the Race to Bed. Dishes washed, nappies stocked up, lunches made, shower. 213 more words

7 Month Update

Next week L starts nursery. She’s had most of her settling-in days, next week she goes full-time. I’m trying not to think too much about it. 192 more words