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Here hold this would you?

As fatherhood quickly creeps up, I have begun to worry about certain aspects of being a new dad. I will discuss some of these in future posts, such as money worries, working the pram, feeding the little one and obviously the dreaded nappy change. 1,034 more words

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The countdown begins - are we ready?

So are we ready? Fuck no! We have the nursery complete (well apart from the curtains and some more vinyl stickers) with all the furniture the little one needs and all the storage we need to store all the stuff the little one needs. 380 more words

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Ante-Natel Class - The wonders of knowledge

So I have seen in a number of films and TV shows where the parents expecting there bundle of joy rock up to a hall, a house, a room or a park, filled with other parents expecting babies and learn all about what to do. 720 more words

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First things first

After leaving my “Fatherhood Matters” class, I realized that despite all the attention, advice and documentation out there for Mommy-to-be, there was virtually nothing out there for the Daddy-to-be. 158 more words

Parenting is only a ROLE...not who YOU are.

You Are More Than What They See

OK…I will get straight to the point.  Parenting is only a “role”, NOT who YOU are.  Do not loose yourself trying to help someone else discover who they are, even if they are your children.   944 more words


One Armed Bandits

One armed bandits

As a parent of new born your life becomes portions of time and small areas of space throughout the day.

Time: what can you get done between nappy changes and feeds… shower? 612 more words

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One month in...

One month in and the learning curve has been sharp and steep, thankfully our ante-natal class was top notch so the basics were firmly in place for when bubs arrived. 639 more words

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