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D-Day is here!

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<Slight graphic content ahead>

In real life, I am known to be a drama queen. Any event in my life is accompanied, ALWAYS, by loads of drama. 438 more words

New Mom

Do I really have to? Do any fathers really have to?

The people who know me know that I am child at heart, a big kid who really doesn’t want to grow up, like Peter Pan but without the tights, the knife and the lost boys. 549 more words


Giving up the things you love - do you really have to?

Since announcing that I am expecting a bundle of joy I have been inundated with information, tips, advice and knowledge, some useful, some not so useful but the one thing that has stuck, as it’s been mentioned to me a couple of times is, ‘You’re expecting? 447 more words


A few tips for new fathers, as found on the world wide web of wonder.

Once again I have been looking on-line for advice and assistance on this new exciting, terrifying, scary and wonderful stage of my life. There are hundreds of websites and articles for new fathers, Google knows what it’s doing when you type into it’s search engine, who knew? 1,206 more words


Photos, more photos and oh look, more photos.

I don’t take that many photos, not because I don’t like photos (because I do) but it’s usually that I am too busy enjoying myself to take photos. 1,086 more words


Baby showers

You know, when you are doing something for the first time, how you blindly follow everything that everyone says? The same thing happened to me as well. 197 more words

New Mom

Garden for the kids and adults

So I have managed to persuade my other half (it didn’t take much to be fair) to let me build a pull up bar in the garden. 324 more words