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My yearly appointment.

Today I traveled up to London from where I live to see my neurologist, it didn’t go well.

I got there on time sat down to fill in my forms and heard that the clinic was slightly delayed, which was no surprise as last year I was the 2nd appointment of the day and I still had to wait over 3 hours to be seen because my neurologist was late turning up to the hospital. 740 more words

Chronic Pain

I can't do this.

I can’t do this, I can’t do any of this, it’s too hard.

I spend my life fighting, fighting the pain every second of the day, fighting how it makes me feel, and I never win. 309 more words

Chronic Pain

Back to therapy.

So I had an appointment to see my psychologist today, after not seeing her for 4 months. I should have made an appointment and gone back a couple of months ago, but I just let everything get worse and worse. 471 more words

Chronic Pain

There is no happy ending.

Maybe there is no happy ending for me, I will most probably be in pain for the rest of my life. There is no hope with NDPH for me, no more treatments, nothing anyone can do to ease my pain. 303 more words

Chronic Pain


Sometimes I tell myself this is all a dream, that this much pain can’t possibly exist, it just can’t. That maybe I am just having a horrible nightmare and one day I will wake up from. 348 more words

Chronic Pain


Today I had a meeting with a woman from the skills development department at college, she contacted me for the appointment. I told her my medical issues and how difficult they make things like studying due to having difficulty concentrating and poor memory and that doing anything makes the pain worse. 376 more words

Chronic Pain

The run up to my yearly neuro appointment.

In 17 days time I will be off up to London for my yearly neurology visit. This time last year I was told there was nothing more they could do for me, so it’s safe to say I’m not exactly expecting him to have come up with something even though a year has passed. 391 more words

Chronic Pain