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Living with guilt.

I live with a lot of guilt about what my condition has done to my family. People tell me all the time my family included that I shouldn’t feel guilty that it’s not my fault and they don’t want me to feel guilty. 530 more words

Not too bad...yet.

So I’m in Dubai, arrived here early Saturday morning. Haven’t really done much yet, other than go shopping for a new laptop, and my new laptop is amazing so really pleased with that, spent today transferring a load of stuff from my old laptop to a hard drive which literally took forever. 411 more words

I need this.

I know I’ve been talking about this sort of stuff a lot recently, but it’s a big part of my life right now and it’s what is currently on my mind. 568 more words

I have not given up.

So I’ve been talking a lot about acceptance and moving on recently, I’ve been working on ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) with my psychologist and it’s really made an impact on me. 1,795 more words

Feeling empowered!

So today I’m feeling somewhat empowered. The pain has died down a little, it’s not quite as bad as it was all of last week, so I’m thankful for that as last week was awful.  169 more words

A hundred knives in my head.

I don’t know what to say, other than the fact that I feel like there are a hundred knives in my head and that it feels like my brain is getting crushed inside my skull at the same time.  111 more words

Overwhelmed with anxiety.

I literally have so much anxiety going on right now, even in my darkest moments I don’t think my anxiety has ever been quite as bad as it is right now. 370 more words