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Everyone gets anxious from time to time, it’s pretty normal. But when the anxiety starts to control your life and worrying plays on your every thought then there is a problem. 617 more words


I hate making decisions, I always worry that I will make the wrong one and that will lead me down a completely different path in life. 563 more words


I think motivation is something a lot of people struggle with, chronic pain/illness or not. Whether it’s motivating yourself to get out of bed when you know all the day has in store for you is pain and illness or whether it’s motivating yourself to write that essay for school that is due in soon, or get up and go to work. 502 more words


As many of you know I dropped out of high school on my third attempt to complete year 12, shortly after my overdose which landed me in the ICU for 3 days. 670 more words

Having no direction in life.

Chronic pain/illness is a life changing experience. We lose so much; our health, family, friends, independence, happiness, ourselves etc. Sometimes it seems like we have no direction in life, all our life revolves around is our pain and our illness and everything that brings. 689 more words

Bad day.

Today is a bad pain day, I’ve had quite a few recently. Actually more than quite a few, the majority of days in the past 2 weeks have been bad. 265 more words

Is it all in your head?

Firstly I’m going to start off by saying no! Because it most definitely is not all in your head.

I haven’t talked much about the time when I first got sick before, it feels like a lifetime ago to be honest, and it kind of was. 897 more words