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NDP MP Charmaine Borg offers to say donors’ names in Parliament for $50, or quote Star Trek for $1,000

A New Democrat MP offered Monday to say donors’ names in the House of Commons for $50, or cite a line from Star Trek for $1,000. 498 more words


NDP forces debate on need for national inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women

An aboriginal MP delivered a powerful plea Friday for a national inquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women, recalling his own brother’s death as a five-year-old in a residential school 60 years ago. 1,066 more words


NDP refuses to support Canadian special forces mission to Iraq

New Democrats are refusing to back Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to send special forces commandos into northern Iraq, Joan Bryden of the Canadian Press news service reports. 437 more words

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Canadian military mission to Iraq exposes political gulf in Parliament

Canada’s military mission to Iraq is quickly shaping up as a politically divisive issue that could have ramifications for next year’s federal election.

The NDP is positioning itself as the only main party with clear objections to how Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is sending troops to Iraq to respond to Islamic State (ISIL) fundamentalists. 630 more words


Full Pundit: What happened to the New Democrats?

Welcome to the longest campaign
How far Thomas Mulcair has strayed from the Blairite path, Postmedia’s Michael Den Tandt observes. Where not so long ago he seemed poised to lead the New Democrats to centrist power, over the dead bodies of the party’s left-wing stalwarts, he has instead spent two years not “producing anything like a workable approach to developing Canada’s natural resources”; and now he promises a national child care program “based on the Quebec model that Quebec itself can no longer afford; billions in new health transfers; … and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for federal civil servants,” all without “a balance sheet” to be found. 757 more words

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Kelly McParland: Change that's ready? Thomas Mulcair's first pledge sounds more like 'same old NDP'

As the first bit of proof that his New Democrats offer “change that’s ready” (as opposed to the Liberals’ “Vote for Justin and we’ll fill you in later” platform,) Thomas Mulcair chose an odd example. 854 more words

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