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Former NDP, Bloc MPs form new Quebec-only party

A former Bloc Québécois MP and an NDP defector have formed a new Quebec-only party targeting the regions of the province.

The two MPs — both named Jean-François — announced the move Tuesday. 339 more words


Coyne: Power about the only thing of consequence Harper government has achieved

Polls come and polls go, but one thing remains a constant: The government of Stephen Harper is among the most polarizing in our history.

That Ekos poll over the weekend putting the Tories 12 points back of the Liberals, 38 to 26, may be an outlier. 1,082 more words


How big data saved the Democrats: What U.S. elections are teaching Canadian politicians

The federal election scheduled for October 2015 promises to be the “Big Data Election,” when the ability to use sophisticated analysis of electronic records to identify supporters and get them to the ballot box could prove decisive. 1,777 more words


If the 2011 vote was the 'Twitter election,' then 2015 will be the 'Big Data election'

OTTAWA — With a year to go before Canadians return to the polls, the federal Liberals and New Democrats are building enormous voter-tracking databases in an attempt to cut into the Conservatives’ long-standing electoral advantage identifying and getting out their vote. 1,259 more words


Michael Den Tandt: Mulcair's NDP sets its sights on soccer moms

After two years of fruitlessly battling the rising tide of Justin Trudeau’s popularity, Thomas Mulcair has an opportunity to knock a hole in the Liberal leader’s skiff. 995 more words

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Coyne: NDP childcare plan may be better politics than policy

There are three ways to look at the NDP’s proposed new national childcare plan: as a contribution to debate, as policy, and as political strategy. 990 more words


The Gargoyle: Tom Mulcair gets Social on daytime talk show

Tom Mulcair came out against wearing socks and sandals Wednesday while courting a daytime talk show, in a move that had him selling his childcare plan directly to thousands of Canadian parents. 443 more words