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Caution, confusion as Canadian government deliberates Iraq mission

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has dismissed suggestions that Canada is on the verge of “war,” as deliberations over an expanded military mission to help fight radical jihadists in Iraq were marked by caution and confusion Wednesday. 813 more words


What happened to Dutch Disease ? And why is the limping loonie now BAD news ?

With the loonie slumping to about 89.5 cents US, the lefty policy wonks and politicians who promoted the whole concept of Dutch Disease a year or two ago don’t seem to have much to say these days. 223 more words


Decision on ‘aerial combat’ and Iraq expected by end of week from Conservatives

By David Pugliese

Defence Watch

There has been lots of talk about the deployment of CF-18s and other RCAF aircraft as Canada’s contribution to Iraq. The Conservative government hasn’t been going into too many details, other to suggest via sources that such options have/will be discussed. 77 more words

Defence Watch

The Gargoyle: The NDP goes international

The New Democratic Party is going to try a little help from its international friends after flying overseas last week to meet with some counterparts in the United Kingdom. 176 more words


Expected vote on expanded Iraq mission could harden party positions

Members of Parliament could be asked to vote in the coming days on whether to send Canada’s military into combat in Iraq and Syria, setting up a potentially divisive debate between the Conservative government and the opposition parties. 515 more words


Conservatives to quash NDP motion on question period

A Conservative backbencher who has proposed a bill to enhance democracy in politics says he’ll support the NDP’s motion to give the House of Commons Speaker power to cut off irrelevant government answers in question period. 835 more words


NDP MP Paul Dewar facepalms on live TV after hearing non-answer from PM's spokesperson

Paul Calandra’s widely-mocked performance in Parliament this week, in which he answered direct questions about Canada’s military involvement in Iraq by reaffirming the government’s support for Israel, has not shaken his confidence. 320 more words