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New Directions

The changes in my life recently have given me a lot of time to think and reflect on what makes me happy, what makes me sad, what makes me jump for joy, what makes me wallow in despair. 218 more words


Hands Over Our Ears

“Lalalalala I can’t hear you!”  Hands over his ears, the small child attempted to assert his independence by rejecting the words spoken to him by his mother.   1,442 more words

The Journey

My Dreams For My Children #Blogging101

As a voracious reader of books on nearly any topic I find myself looking at so many categories that even my youngest daughter Destiny calls me “Geraldo” which I’m pretty sure is her term of endearment because of all the books I have as well as the attention I pay to all types of news. 811 more words


Branching Out


New adventures can be both exciting and frightening.  Our journey toward Israel is definitely proving to be quite the adventure, but it is an adventure that is growing us.   823 more words


Housekeeping in Blogland: Or News About New Stuff and New Ideas

Though this blog started at the beginning of the year, it wasn’t until five months ago–April 23, to be exact–that Pretty Healthy was truly born. 354 more words


I'm So Happy I Don't Have to be a Robot Anymore!

I’m writing this at the risk of sounding contrarian, or implying that I enjoy non-conformity for its own sake–which may, ultimately, be true. Still, I’d rather be a non-conformist than an obedient lemming or robot any day. 2,124 more words

“If we viewed elderhood as the crowning achievement of our lives, we
would open the door with reverence and anticipation”
— Reb Zalman

New Directions