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My Year In Photos: July

This compass has a lot of sentimental value on top of it being an antique. It used to belong to a family friend who fought in World War 2. 182 more words


"The Greatest of These...": Maturity v. Offense

Living one’s life in offense means never quite growing up.

No, it doesn’t mean one is more sensitive to the plight of others; it means one’s skin is so thin that others must always blunt the truth. 1,236 more words


Waiting for Advent

Hannah returns from Music class beaming. She loves Music class.

“Mommy?” she greets me. “Mommy, I want a cookie. Can Sissy bake me some cookies, please?” 1,046 more words

New Directions

Words vs. Images, in Aperture's Winter Issue

Aperture, the venerable photography magazine, has dedicated its winter issue to an investigation of the interplay between words and images. Are we becoming more visually literate? 926 more words



Last month, due in part to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, I visited my old hometown, stayed with one parent but met often with the other, and attended a few services at Mom’s (once “our”) church, and was struck by the truth behind the old saying, “You can’t go home again.” 307 more words

A New Decade: A New Direction

Today, I turned seventy. For me, entering a new decade has always meant a look back. As part of that look back, I couldn’t resist uploading the copy of my Elk Falls, Kansas, school ID card that I found in a box of papers when I moved to Emporia last year.  173 more words