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That's Just Crazy Enough to Work

There is only the understanding of the thing that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it.

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AUGUST 2014 – Mega Super Jupiter Moon

The EARTH, MOON, SUN, and JUPITER were all lined up on the NEW MOON, July 26th, as we begin the 8th lunar cycle of 2014.  JUPITER brings expansion (whatever is going on gets bigger.)  This planetary giant ignites our passion and power. 798 more words

Gaia Ascension

Earth Angel Insight Day 45-"It Let's Go Of Us"

When we are bound by the forms that come and go and constantly change..we can have a stressful thought..

When we question the “thought” we do not let go of it…”It lets go of us”…It no longer means what we thought it meant… 59 more words

Earth Angel Insights

Earth Angel Insight Day 44-Love

All of life,  its many experiences,  even death,  is LOVE  to me……

From this place of gratitude my heart sings…

Stillness rests in my soul from this unnamed non specific place where oneness resides… 15 more words

Earth Angel Insights

Video: Understanding Indigos: Learned Helplessness and the Gift of Anger

Hey all,

I made a YouTube video with an introduction to help everyone understand indigos…and me…a little better. Blessings!

Higher Self

time to retune

Kryon has recently channelled we are beginning to actually experience a ‘Shift’. A significant movement forward is finally breaking through after the precession of the equinoxes event in 2012. 415 more words

Spiritual Awakening

New Earth

New Earth ~ Chip Murray/ Lead Vocal, Guitars, Harmonica                                                                   Peter Verutes/ Electric Bass, Backing Vocal

There exists in most of us, depending on our early life experiences, a warm spot and nostalgic savoring of old familiar places, friends and the people we used to be. 436 more words