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Chinese Ambassador to Mexico Writes: “Better the Prosperity of Many Than of One Alone”

In an opinion column published in Mexico’s El Financiero Wednesday, China’s Ambassador to Mexico, Qiu Xiaoqi, eloquently spelled out the strategic importance for all nations, developing and developed, of the new world economic and political order now coming together around the BRICS grouping. 377 more words

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LaRouchePAC in Action • August 25th, 2014

Will the United States get out of the current crisis by joining the BRICS alliance, and the commitment to mine Helium-3 on the Moon? This question and many more are investigated on this week’s LaRouchePAC in Action

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Bank of New York Kicked Out of Argentina

Argentine Chief of Staff Jorge Capitanich announced in Tuesday morning’s press conference that the Central Bank’s Superintendant of Financial and Exchange Entities has revoked the operating license of the Bank of New York-Mellon, denying it the ability to maintain a branch in the country. 585 more words

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Voice of Russia Interviews LaRouche: 'There Has To Be A New World Order'

Here is the transcript, as recorded, of Lyndon LaRouche’s interview on Aug. 20, with Voice of Russia.

VOICE OF RUSSIA: Hello, good morning, my name is Katherine, I’m calling from Voice of Russia. 2,311 more words

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Bringing Prometheus Into Play

China’s entirely creative approach to the challenge of mining Helium-3 on the Moon to fuel a fusion-based global economy, has, like Prometheus’s bringing the gift of fire to Man, unleashed a planetary process of scientific and cultural optimism, and opposition to the hated bestiality of the modern day Zeus, the British Empire. 596 more words

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LaRouche: Money Is A Big Lie! We Have To Create Something With Real Value

On Saturday, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that what most people have counted on as being true is not true. The whole monetarist system which has dominated the U.S. 512 more words

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Egyptian President Declares Support for Crucial Toshka Mega-Agricultural Project

In his speech on August 5 announcing the construction of the “New Suez Canal” Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi also declared his government’s intention to complete the Toshka project, a mega-project launched in Egypt’s Western Desert by during the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak in which less than 10% has been accomplished during the last 15 years. 1,072 more words

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