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Positive Deviance

Positive Deviance may be more complex than gathering influential leaders with effective marketing, but Buckminster Fuller is not the only design expert who has advised us to encourage the demise of dysfunctional systems by building a more optimized, positive, better system. 481 more words

Enough is Best

Let there be small countries with few people.
Let the people have no use for complicated machinery.
Let them be mindful of death so that they don’t move too far from their birthplaces.

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Some Pieces

Philanthropic Oligarchy versus Economic Justice

Can the dependence of nonprofits on corporate money or philanthropic institutions born of corporate money really promote the kinds of principles and institutions that truly counter inequality and poverty?

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Right Understanding

Changing the way we think about Money, Values, Community and Banking

The Money and Life event I organised was last weekend.

I became a slightly manic twitterer in the days leading up to the event, in an effort to let as many people as possible know about it. 609 more words

Bishopston 2014

Türkiye'deki Değişimin Sosyo - Ekonomik Analizi

Mahfi Eğilmez hocanın bu yazısını okumanızı öneririm:


Bugünkü Stratejik Marka Yönetimi Programı Bilgi Yönetimi dersimizde, teknoloji kavramını “sosyalleşmiş bilgi” olarak tanımlarken insanlık tarinindeki teknikten teknolojiye geçiş sürecinden bahsetmiştik. 22 more words

New Media

Using Social Media to Predict Economic Activity in Cities

Economic indicators in most developing countries are often outdated. A new study suggests that social media may provide useful economic signals when traditional economic data is unavailable. 222 more words


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Relationship between social media and economic activities.