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Nut #1: A Midlife Crisis Resolved by Changing Everything

(This is the first in the series “Revelations of a Middle-Aged Guy in the New Economy.” I’m calling this Nut #1 in honor of the old saying: Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut. 465 more words

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Four Reasons You Should Care About My Upcoming Blog Series: 13 Revelations of a Middle-Aged Guy in the New Economy

Have you noticed all the lists on the internet these days, pawned off as journalism?

You’ve probably seen them: “Nine Reasons to Fly a Kite” or “Top 11 Places to See a Possum After Dark” or “Seven Great Travel Destinations for People with Red Hair.” 754 more words

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Call for Evidence in Domestic Abuse

From April 2015, Tony Lloyd the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester will take on new responsibilities for the commissioning of services for victims of crime and seek to ensure that we have a whole system approach that puts victims squarely at the centre. 244 more words


Out of the Box is « has been »

Trying to go out of the box, or out of the room where the box is, burn the box, is actually another way to escape true issues. 393 more words

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Playing the Rent Game: Or, a New Way to Approach Arts Patronage

Sometimes my patchwork, freelance, artist’s life can feel like a carnival game. I imagine it to be one of those big thermometer gauges that are usually accompanied by Strong Men in leopard print onesies with giant hammers. 786 more words