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First comprehensive review of MSA published in New England Journal of Medicine

This blog has been on hiatus for a while as we Northerners shiver through another winter, but here’s something I absolutely had to share. The first comprehensive review of multiple system atrophy in a major medical journal appeared last week in the renowned New England Journal of Medicine, and it comes from probably the world’s leading MSA researcher, … 982 more words

MSA Awareness

Name your demon

I heard a comic declare, “no good story ever began with the phrase I was eating a salad.”

My story begins in the bathroom, not at the dinner table. 186 more words

Science Communication

The problem with science communication

The problem with science communication is that its essence is tethered to the premise that people are rational and want to make rational choices.

In fact, our communication is based on the premise that if you provide people with the facts, they will respond accordingly and adopt good behaviors. 385 more words

Native Science

El uso de un "stent" reduce las secuelas y la discapacidad en personas con un ictus

Un estudio europeo, recientemente publicado en la prestigiosa revista New England Journal of Medicine, acaba de demostrar que la mayoría de los pacientes con un ictus grave consiguen una mejor y más rápida recuperación si se elimina la obstrucción con rapidez haciendo una pequeña intervención. 178 more words

Facets of Identity

Well… It has definitely been a while since I have posted. Schedules as a nursing student can change at the drop of a hat, and are always packed with something to do, so much so, that when I get home sometimes all I can do is curl up with a good movie, book or (and I’m out-nerding myself here) the… 1,154 more words