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Moonrise Kingdom - 2012

Continuing with the recent “Ander-monium”, (that is, the consecutive viewing of Wes Anderson films), the appreciation for this wonderful creator and visionary has increased substantially following “Moonrise Kingdom”. 244 more words

Recommended Films

Candle Light Cottage.

Just down the road from Jackie & David’s farmhouse was this sign saying…

.. Candle Light Cottage.

Set amidst the famously beautiful Vermont countryside, Elinor’s home is everyone’s dream of what a period…

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Spring Cleaning With The Heat ON!

Really, I mean really!  I am now officially joining the thousands of people in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states who complain about the weather on a daily basis!   578 more words


Tower Hill Road

April 15, 2014

I always felt early Spring to be the most haunting time of year back home. Something about the stark nakedness of the skeleton maples, grey bones reaching up to the bright, often cloudless blue sky, begging for leaves. 538 more words

95 Hellbound

Oulipost, Day 18 - Homoconsonantism

Say it slowly; don’t hurt yourself.  Stslwldnthrtrslf.  Sits low, load another is loaf.  That’s the nature of this prompt; take a sentence, remove all the vowels, and rewrite it with new vowels of your choosing.   194 more words

Genealogy Hangouts On Air..from Australia!

Well….it’s done.  For what it’s worth, I had a good time.  But that’s only because I had a chance to talk uninterrupted as long as I wanted.   188 more words