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Nouvel arrivage - vestes, chemise, pulls pour printemps

I Spiewek & Sons jacket. Dark navy. Cotton nylon. TM.Kooples shirt. Black. Removable collar. Cotton & leather. TM.

New England jumper/pull. Grey. Wool. TM. NEW.   16 more words

Deuxieme Main

My crocuses have croaked

Welcome to New England. Where it’s spring one minute and winter the next.



zchildren’s reactions to the inch of snow on the ground this morning:

zfirstborn with shock and dismay; “Oh no, not another snow!” Then, brightening,  “Do you think it is good for snowballs?” 113 more words

A Day In The Life

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Morning Observation:

Well, April Fools Day may have been two weeks ago, but it sure feels like Mother Nature’s playing a joke on us this morning… 341 more words


Svart parytterdörr

Besök på byggplatsen idag och vi hade ett kort möte med trädgårdsarkitekten. Annika ska göra ett förslag på vad vi ska göra med tomten för att det ska prydligt och välkomnande ut. 70 more words

Visningshus Stockholm

Oulipost, Day 15 - Prisoner's Constraint

Today’s constraint gave me a new experience - I made a black-out poem.  It was gibberish, I didn’t use it, but I actually took sharpie to paper, and blacked out all the words I didn’t want.   293 more words

Update on Spring Awakenings

To North Country WNO members who ordered books: We should have 50 copies by next Friday & 50 copies the week after that.

The cost will be $2.00 each. 33 more words