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Where We Are 2014

Ok so I went to see 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER AND ONE DIRECTION! *insert fangirling screams* Believe me, it was the best night of my life. 247 more words


The Short-To Sport (69)

Obviously a lot of thought must be done-
When it comes to the subject of “brand new” fashion.


All Black Everything - LXN

British menswear brand LXN have officially announced their first A/W collection entitled ‘Black.’ I interviewed them last year for The Upcoming and their new collection incorporates their signature minimalism and simplicity whilst exuding power and distinctness. 93 more words


GAGA in plusthirtynine

New fashion label plusthirtynine launched in 2011 and have since gone on to produce three collections unambiguously entitled No1, No2 and No3. I love the soft elegance and art motifs used in their designs and now they’re starting to become recognized on a larger scale! 225 more words


Ave Maria

A stunning representation of religious iconography is provided by Plusthirtynine’s sleek and distinct No3 collection. Simple yet strong religious imagery is paired with slick black pieces to create seductive mystery. 43 more words


The extremes of dressing

New fashion label This Is The Uniform fuses girly and grunge in their boyishly slick 002 collection. Comprising of transparent two pieces, bare all bodysuits and shiny trousers in candy-floss pink and stand out silver, the collection possess a daring, revealing attitude whilst still adhering to the irresistable feminity that is present in all good womenswear collections. 96 more words


This Is The Uniform Collection 003

Unique fashion label This Is The Uniform have released their third collection subtly entitled ‘Collection 003′. The new fashion brand rejuvenates classic minimalism and experiments with shapes, fabrics and styling to create original silhouettes and intriguing combinations. 87 more words