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[new feature] db utils create_table improvements

Today I’ve added to db utils ability to create table similar to Laravel:

db()->utils()->create_table($name, function($table_helper) {
    ->small_int('actor_id', array('length' => 5, 'unsigned' => true, 'nullable' => false, 'auto_inc' => true))
    ->string('first_name', array('length' => 45, 'nullable' => false))
    ->string('last_name', array('length' => 45, 'nullable' => false))
    ->index('last_name', 'idx_actor_last_name')
    ->option('engine', 'InnoDB')
    ->option('charset', 'utf8')
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Finland on the 5th

No, no, it’s not the 5th (yet). But I am thinking about starting a new monthly feature by that name. And, suitably enough, I will dare to publish it on the 5th of each month. 397 more words

[new feature] validation rules now supports multiple fields in rule key

New useful feature done inside validation class – validation rules now supports multiple fields in rule key. This usually needed to set same rulesets for several fields to validate. 83 more words


New Features In Jmeter-2.11

Apache Jmeter has six successful releases with a time gap of two years only. With every release we can see a lot of new features, enhancements, Non-Functional Changes and Bug fixes. 445 more words


Knowzz iOS Just Got Better

Starting today iOS users will notice the app is more responsive and quicker with faster contacts upload. We’ve also improved the search feature to allow searching for business by name.  85 more words

New Features

New Feature: Snippet Saturday

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (I don’t know why, but for some reason, I really wanted to write that, and it amuses me, so I’m going to keep it there.) 203 more words

Weekly Memes

Advertising Credits

We are always on the look out for special offers we can pass onto our users to help them promote their stores.

Special offer for new advertisers on Bing. 101 more words