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TinkerTip: Precision Rotate Tool

TinkerTip: Use the new Rotate tool for rotating in 15 or single-degree incremements.


GiftCiti Official Blog

GiftCiti Official Blog is available at GiftCiti.com website now, you’re welcome to visit:
GiftCiti 官方網誌正式誕生! 大家可到 GiftCiti.com 網站探訪:


While this site on WordPress would continue to introduce some of the new products available on GiftCiti and its major features updates news to WordPress and other users. Stay tune!

而此於 WordPress 的網站會繼續介紹一些在 GiftCiti 新上架貨品,及其主要功能更新消息,帶給 WordPress 及其它用戶。繼續留意!

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More control on your services

You can now make services available to new or returning clients and assign services to your time availability periods.

Do you have a different appointment duration when it’s a first appointment with a new client? 169 more words

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New Feature to Improve Registrations for Mobile Devices

Self-starters pull themselves up with bootstraps. For us, though, Bootstrap (with a capital B) is the webpage style framework we have been experimenting with for several months. 197 more words

New Features

The new We Heart It is here!

It’s here! Rewritten totally from scratch, our new app for iOS is out today. Here’s what you’ll experience in the new update:

New Features

Xbox One News: 'Black Market' Brings ingame Currency to Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment have been solid on keeping players and fans of Titanfall for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360, informed of upcoming enhancements and updates to the game and this week they have revealed that they will be adding ‘The Black Market’ to the game. 429 more words


The Top 4 Most Powerful and Under-Used Sniply Features

The Top 4 Most Powerful and Under-Used Sniply Features

At Sniply, we are constantly working to develop new features that make it easier to create and share Sniply links. 596 more words