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** The Bees by Laline Paull

The heroine of The Bees is a lowly sanitation worker, Flora 717, who through pluck, intelligence, hard work, and luck will eventually overturn the set order of the hive.  59 more words

New Fiction

The Fiction Hotlist August 26

A fantastic choice of 75 titles on #TheFictionHotlist this week. Click the link to browse the new titles and reserve any you fancy. It’s a brilliant choice. 148 more words


Free popcorn.

Free popcorn.

It was his first ‘press’ ticket; a trimmed down preview of the coming attraction meant to whet the appetite of junkies and soap-boxers. Men and women wearing the self-same black-rimmed glasses milled about on the cheap red carpet thinned by the unworthy who would so often tread towards the myriad of intellectual gas chambers, trough in hand. 931 more words

* Suddenly, Love by Aharon Appelfeld

Suddenly, Love stars an aging, lonely man and a young(ish) woman he hires to take care of him and his house. He is smart and well read and she is devoted and uneducated. 32 more words

New Fiction

Author JT Twissel on Books, Sin City North, the CIA...and much more!!!

Today, I’m very lucky to have JT Twissel (author  of Flipka and The Graduation Present) here to chat on the blog. Two weeks ago, I went on a beach vacation and really enjoyed reading… 1,168 more words

Cool Cogito, Bro [Jim #13, Short Fiction]

Small Town, Paradise. Green yards and clean air and split-level houses. A post office, a police station, a grocery store, five bars and a set of stoplights. 3,205 more words