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Weekend Showcase : Chris White (Writer)

Every Friday, 1 creative, letting their work speak for itself.


Chris White

The Shadows of the Jungle

“What’s the fucking time-stamp on that picture? Does anyone know?” 778 more words


Only cats have nine lives

What the?..
Waking up,eyes still gluey. So not ready for today.
Arms rising at a slothful pace. A well intended but feeble stretch. His feet not even on the floor yet, surmising that he must not be standing.. 286 more words


Cover for The Highway West

I’ve long thought that modern writers have to master hybrid models incorporating traditional publishing and self-publishing to find their place in the ever-shifting sands of modern markets.  150 more words

New Fiction

** To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris

To Rise Again at a Decent Hour is written as a highly sophisticated stream of consciousness story starring a workaholic dentist who dates his own staff (to save time, one imagines), and is suddenly ambushed by a mysterious man who creates a fake website for his business and slowly adds to his fake social presence, forcing him to confront the man and eventually get sucked into his (most improbable) story of a lost tribe. 51 more words

New Fiction

The Stench of Honolulu by Jack Handey

First Impressions
My love of adventure, Hawaii and wanting to listen to something humorous I decided to download this audio book from Washington Anytime Library… 363 more words

New Fiction

Fae Release Day!

Midsummer’s Eve has only just ended, and the faerie folk are out to run a muck!  Today is the day, the very first day you can get your hands on a brand new copy of… 177 more words

* Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

The premise of Queen Sugar is that a young African-American woman who lives in Los Angeles unexpectedly  inherits a sugarcane plantation in Louisiana from her father. 53 more words

New Fiction