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Foodie Field Trip: Whole Foods and San Antonio , TX

I LOVEEE FOOD but after being a college student I was completely unaware of all the awesome healthy chooses out there. I am slowly educating myself about clean eating and the best thing I have discovered  is that not all healthy foods taste like dirt! 274 more words


Saturday, new dinner and mum crumble

An email from my mum saying ‘see you on Saturday’. Agghhh I’m so excited to see them! I can’t believe it’s nearly here.
I made a good dinner. 19 more words

Day 27: Try sushi

Along with trying an exotic food I decided to try sushi. In the same way as the exotic food, learned how to try new things before saying that I don’t like them. 23 more words

Cranberry Beans Recipe

So, I am finally getting around to posting this recipe but they were delicious!  Just a quick side note.  Part of our journey to live a simpler less hectic, healthier life was going to involve eating healthier and knowing where our food comes from, growing it ourselves, and meeting new people along the way.   210 more words

Sweet Treat: Kim's Magic Pop

Through the Macro Magic  FaceBook group, if your not a member yet you should be, I was introduced to Kim’s Magic Pops and decided to order up a sampler. 265 more words


Only 80 Carbs All Day! Fritatta it is!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days I have been sick and trying to sleep it off. I was still training and hitting my macros but then getting home and trying to sleep off the cold. 268 more words