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Baking Weekend

For the past few weekends, I have made larger than average meals with lots of new recipes. Since it’s winter, our meals revolve around what we canned and froze this past spring, summer, and fall. 227 more words


How many teachers does it take to jump a car?

The answer is 6.

Today I learned that I should have added “Learn to jump a car” to my 30 before 30 list. I would have been able to cross it off with the help of some enterprising colleagues. 220 more words


New cup cake launched at the cat cafe

Delicious, lemon ripple cup cake has been launched.
Developed as it reminds us of Jasmine’s colouring and her love of lemons!
Perfect with a hot or soft drink – check them out.   15 more words
New Food

Awesome bites at BanhBanh!

I am a sucker for street food. Every single time I went for vacation, I always searched for local street food. The longer the queuing line, the better. 474 more words

Food.. Traveling.. And Indonesia..

Something new quinoa

Something new today QUINOA, boy this stuff is really good no more rice, pasta and all those… except spaghetti squash… that one is as good as this one… love the texture of it…I do not care about what people say about protein and all… I just go for the taste of it… 25 more words


Eat a New Type of Food Every Month: Pomelo

I found an unknown fruit at the grocery store. It’s called a pomelo (or pomello if you idiotically pronounced it in Spanish to the check-out woman like I did because you took four years of Spanish in high school). 46 more words

Food, Food, Food. I Love New Food!

Recently working with one of my clients I stumbled upon this great article from Buzzfeed that includes some kick ass photos of great Filipino foods. Check the link out with more details… 9 more words