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Overflowing Fun

I was very nevous to open the door, knowing Gavin would be there. I don’t know what to talk about, or how to even start a converstation. 742 more words


From Facebook to Friend

In the last 1o months I have been extremely blessed in the realm of friendships.

I created a group on Facebook who’s main goal is to help people create and maintain friendships in my community. 357 more words


Seeing a New Friend

Had lunch with a school friend at the Chinese learning centre and her mum. The restaurant served us these tomatoes. Lovely!


Who knew? Not me.

It is quite a concept for me to believe that I have the opportunity and privilege to be the strong one … that I can be a friend to another who is in need. 107 more words

I'm In Good Company!

Regardless of how lonely this journey can sometimes feel, I’m not walking this path alone. ¬†Many have gone before me and many are currently walking it with me. ¬† 490 more words

The Wild, Wild East Part 1: Budapest Pride

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind. One of the biggest things that has happened is that I moved apartments. Zoki’s mother is coming to stay with him and his family and so they needed the guest room at their place. 2,705 more words