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Google Glass

When Google Glass first announced the Explorer program I signed up and forgot about it. For those not familiar with Google Glass (I’ll call it GG from now on), it’s basically a Star-Trek like pair of glasses with or without lenses that has a heads-up display in the upper right portion of your vision. 90 more words


Gadgets that changing our life day by day with their new inventions to improve our lifestyle


                         What would you say if I ask you to explain gadgets?? According to me, gadgets are one of the most addicting devices which simplify our works while discovering the new ways to entertain us. 214 more words

How Technologies latest ongoing trends changing our Next Generation into Geek Generation

Geek – the one who is highly interested in technologies and gadgets or you can say the one who is crazy to acquire latest gadgets with ultra-modern technologies… right? 217 more words

How Emerging trends of Technology improving Human’s life day-by-day…!!

                  Latest happenings of technology world affect us on several fronts of our lives. New accomplishments of technology world are simplifying the modus of our professional as well as personal works. 172 more words

How to Compare Computers Before Buying Them?

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Rapidly name five of your colleagues, close friends or family! Now considering these five people in your life count the number of them have a few of the latest laptop computers, mobile phones, computers, tablet computers or cameras? 466 more words

Get all Genuine Up-to-Date Information about Recent & Upcoming Gadgets from around the World..!!

                         Sometimes I wonder, what would happen if we lose all of our gadgets and technology!! Scaring, isn’t it? We can never repay the debt of gadgets and technologies because, as we all know, it has given us the way to live simpler and easier life. 241 more words

Upgrade your Tech Knowledge through Latest & Genuine Technology News

                    Our world is completely technical now and everyone is depended on technology. Most of the works are done by the support of technology. New technology news… 227 more words