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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Expands Into The Play Store, Finally Wants To Call Android Home

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, perhaps surprisingly, began its life on a Nintendo platform: the original DS. Over half a year later, a version made its way over to the PlayStation Portable, and an iOS version appeared only a couple of months after that. 23 more words

Gameloft’s Brother In Arms 3 Raids The Play Store With Guns Blazing And Fuel In The Tank

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Coming in four years after the previous skirmish, Brothers in Arms 3 has stormed into the Play Store with a battalion of fresh troops, air support, and vastly updated graphics (erm, there goes the metaphor). 33 more words

Making a new game!

I am developing a new android game and it’ll be my second one. :)

This new game is not a side-scrolling type unlike my previous… 19 more words


Travel The World In ’80 Days,’ A Choose Your Own Adventure Game From The Makers Of the Sorcery Series

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Jules Vernes’ novel Around the World in Eighty Days is an old book, and like most old books, it reads like one. You can pick it up and work through its pages if you’re committed, but inkle, the creator of the Sorcery series, has made a modern-day adaptation that is much easier on the eyes. 13 more words

Feed Yourself with I Am.

Three Types of Food

As people we normally require three types of food, the physical nourishment of what we eat, the oxygen we breathe, and the sense impression we take in. 219 more words


Announcing Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem

So at long last I can reveal the secret project I’ve been working on:

What is Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem? Why I’m glad you asked. 174 more words

Video Games

Blood Bowl: Board Game to Video Game to Sequel

For my first real post, I wanted to talk about something I’m really excited about: Blood Bowl 2, set for release in Spring 2015. It’s so close I can taste it, and I’m  1,565 more words

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