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Civilization: Beyond Earth

I had expected this for a while but not like this.

I had expected that Firaxes would bring out a new Civ game this year, but not one as bold as the one which was released only a couple of days ago, the new civ game is called Civilization: Beyond Earth, a bold step from the old games in one major way. 61 more words

Mercenaries Game - Detailed Overview & Current status of game

Hi all!

We have updated the Mercenaries description page with more information.


Currently the 1st deck of the game is finished in digital format. All cards for the first deck have been play tested, and have a finished card. 54 more words

Board Game

I accidentally'd a game at Update Show and called it #selfiequest

This past Saturday Esther MacCallum-Stewart and myself gave a talk about the state of games education and research in the United Kingdom at Update Show… 874 more words

New Sid Meier's Civilization title announced at PAX East 2014!

I am a huge fan of Sid Meier’s games, especially the Civilization series.  For those unfamiliar with the series, Civ games are turn based strategy games that allow you to grow a particular civilization form humble primitive beginnings to world domination.   183 more words


Moving: life's restart button

With little less then a month before school finishes out, I have papers to write, topics to read up on and homework piling up on my desk. 324 more words


hi i am sarla.

who are you?  what have you done?

how do you fit in?

Yoga And Addiction

How we started up & the birth of Mercenaries

It’s time for a little bit more about us, and how Mercenaries came to be.

Ryan and Colin every weekend tried to squeeze in a game to play. 511 more words

Board Game