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Rant Alert !!!

Just when I think, things are almost going according to the way I planned, I’am in for a surprise. Just when I calm myself and try to look at the positive side of the change in events, a new set of change with a sprinkle of uncertainty is thrown in. 701 more words

New Home

keep calm and make decisions

We took vacant possession of our new (old) home yesterday evening.

I walked in and out of the empty rooms, horrified at all of the decisions I am expected to make about all that space. 157 more words

Mela V. World

my spot, my spot, my spot!!!

I picked up my chair yesterday, and it was GLORIOUS!!

So, thank you mom.  I love my gift. 87 more words


Introducing Kohler Products in Betenbough Homes

If you walk into a new Betenbough home, you’ll notice there are only Kohler water fixtures throughout the home. We are now one of only two home builders in the country that exclusively utilizes Kohler water fixtures. 283 more words

In The Know

Me haz left de original humanz

So me haz left de ORIGINAL HUMANZ to start new life with new daft humanz. It was…emotional. My dad (called Thor – top majestic name for a shit zoo, much better than bloody YOKO) went crackers when I woz leaving cos I loved climbing on hiz back and it won’t happen no more cos I am no longer part of de Wigan massive. 118 more words


The Advantages Of Having A Custom Home

For any majority of Americans, their home is the principal expense and single largest acquire they are going to make throughout their life span. Because of this, owning a home which is custom constructed gives you several benefits over having a home which is built with a system designer. 489 more words

Building Custom Homes

Popping Champagne & Fixing Chimneys

So the next project we worked on was our chimney. We needed to fix the mortar and seal on our chimney based on our house inspection. 352 more words