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The tides of change

Change is an overwhelming and suffering (yet unavoidable), part of the human experience. It can easily victimize you. But if you keep eyes on the horizon ahead, on the gleaming sunrise of new beginnings..if you go with the flow of the sparking creek, heading upstream to a field of never ending dreams…you’ll fall in love with the universe. 22 more words



Illustration Credit & Copyright: NASA/JHUAPL. CLICK illustration for larger view and look below for information and related links including where you can find New Horizons current location and will be able to locate mission images. 1,305 more words


Featured Song of The Day (07-16-14): New Horizons by Flyleaf

So you’re tired but you’re alive
So open up your eyes and
you can get your sleep when you are dead
Kill the clock inside your head… 208 more words


New Horizons spacecraft just one year away from reaching Pluto

(Artist concept of New Horizons spacecraft – Photo Credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)

After a long, and troublesome, 8 year journey, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is just one year away from reaching Pluto. 421 more words


Fundraiser for New Horizons: An audience with Esther Rantzen CBE

Esther Rantzen CBE, one of the UK’s best known broadcasters and campaigners, and founder of The Silver Line, a free confidential telephone helpline offering information, friendship and advice to older people  will be sharing insights into her life and work at the Royal Garden Hotel on Kensington High Street in August. 168 more words


One year from now we will know some very cool things about Pluto

TORONTO – It may have been demoted from planet to dwarf planet in 2006, but those involved with the mission to Pluto aren’t letting that stop their enthusiasm. 655 more words