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Some of each to report.

First, goodbye, this year’s crop of giant grass:

I cut it down with our hand-sickle. Younger Daughter is stripping leaves from the longest stalks. 589 more words


The Awkward Silence

Hey guys! Hey Tom – why are you only greeting the men? Are you a big sexist? What! Not at all – quite the opposite in fact! 536 more words


The Highlight Reel

I realized the other day that I was blogging about a random Friday morning, but I haven’t posted anything about my life in like an entire month! 628 more words

Room transformation: Big steps and Small steps

A milestone in the house this week – we finally had the carpet fitted in the back room/extension. This is the largest room in our little house and was covered in a mysteriously stained, moth eaten red carpet when we bought it – I couldn’t wait to tear it up! 227 more words


Waiting is the hardest part...

Some days I want our house so badly….I wonder did we make a terrible decision…am I missing precious memories AT HOME with my kids?  I feel lke my life has been riddled with decisions that made things much more difficult than they had to be…Is this one? 122 more words

Dear Jack: Our New Home Is Now Being Bricked And Insulated

3 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

This past weekend our family checked in on the progress of our new house being built in a ‘bedroom community” outside of Nashville. 319 more words

Autumn Changes

We had an absolutely glorious summer.  It was the summer that I dreamed of for my kids.  Our days were filled with rolling around in the grass, watching the corn and beans grow around us, petting the new calves over at the cousins’ house, flying kites, and riding bikes on Grandpa’s great cement driveway.  231 more words