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The Broken Beautiful

It’s Tuesday – I should be teasering, or writing one of the 2 reviews for books I have finished this past week, or probably unpacking and organizing our new house (the reason I’ve been MIA for the last two weeks.)  But today I’m taking a day off – I took the kids to the zoo this beautiful AM (which by the way it was 66 degrees when we left the house!) and now I’m sitting down, something I haven’t done much of lately, and wanted to post a short, much overdue, song post! 642 more words

New house! Hooray

A little off-the-regular-topic… But, today I got some excellent news, me and my wonderful boyfriend inquired about a house for rent on Friday last week, and today found out that we have been accepted! 26 more words


Good News

Inuyasha is back at his RTC!
He apparently showed back up of his own accord. Since CPS transferred his case to a new worker, there hasn’t been anyone monitoring his case. 465 more words

Foster Care

Mirror, Mirror, Go Away

My new home has a rather large master bathroom complete with a walk-in closet. It’s quite posh, really. It also features many mirrors. At least it seems that way. 386 more words


Chris Brown's Neighbor Threatens To Use Lethal Force, Thankfully He Bought New Guard Dogs (VIDEO)

Chris Brown’s got 99 problems and now his neighbor is one.

According to TMZ, the troubled R&B singer recently moved to an 8,000 square foot six bedroom home in the San Fernando Valley. 175 more words


The Comeback

We have now been homeless for three months! It’s been 5 months since we hired AllAround Properties and with a long list of repairs left to go as well as fixing some defective structural work and plumbing, we are even further from completing this renovation than we were when we bought the house in February. 498 more words


My Life is a Project and Summer Challenge #4

I’m running a special on the blog today – two for the price of one!

Truthfully I meant to post these updates as two separate blogs, but we had a busy weekend so I’m smooshing them together into one. 688 more words

Home Sweet Home