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Dear Jack: We Closed On Our New House Today (We Officially Bought It!)

4 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

Yes, there are blue lines on your forehead in this picture. That’s because while Mommy and I signed the paperwork to “close on our house” (in other words, to officially buy it, closing the sale), you were busy drawing pictures with a blue pen on a note pad, as well as on your face. 335 more words


NoMinivanMama's Big List of Excuses for lack of posting ANNNNND... an announcement!

“Things have been so crazy lately.” I find myself saying that a lot and hear the same things from other friends. Usually followed by, “We’ll have to catch up when things calm down!” And then, things don’t calm down. 940 more words

How to get an indoor pool with surprisingly little effort... and zero intent

I’m still trying to get the new house how the Husband and I want it – including the joy of finding an electricity and gas supplier who charges a sane price! 233 more words


Modernising a Heritage Building

Take a heritage building renovation nightmare and turn it into a dream come true. That’s what Beacon Construction was able to do for Juann Ryan, the owner of this home located on Auckland’s North Shore. 410 more words

Dear Jack: Buying Our Couch And Looking At Pool Tables For Our New House

4 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

Tomorrow afternoon we are scheduled to close on our new house. I’m definitely looking forward to getting that part over with and feeling that sense of closure… in a good way, of course. 298 more words


An Orderly All Encompassing UPDATE....Through Week 35

Holy crapola,that’s right it’s freaking Week 32 33 34 35! I have been writing this blog entry for weeks. I am not proud that it is taking me so long to write one blog entry but things have been busy. 941 more words


The Fat Lady Sings

Over a month in to our new house purchase from Persimmon and I feel relatively safe in now bringing to an end my running commentary on the process of buying (and waiting) for a home from Persimmon. 925 more words