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A Little Help in my Sewing Studio

I’ve been wanting and therefore looking for a particular helper for my studio for years.

As we all know, good help is hard to come by. 167 more words

My Life

Sara's had a long run!!

After several years of toil the Sara Grey story comes to a close. I can’t say that I’m not happy to be at this point in my writing. 256 more words

Writing Insights

Lots of New-ness

First things first. I have been working on some beasts of projects for orders and have completely given up hope on starting a new scrappy quilt, which is what you know I want to be doing. 467 more words

New Ideas

Myths on Creativity - 'Only talented people can be creative'

This has probably got to be one of the biggest myths around being creative, that you need talent.

I’ve taught a lot of people over the last decade and it’s the biggest obstacle to people taking a risk and trying. 235 more words


Demanding New Ideas

“A writer of fiction lives in fear. Each new day demands new ideas and he can never be sure whether he is going to come up with them or not.”

— Roald Dahl

Watch Jeremy's talk on blogging at Utah State University

Earlier this month I gave a talk on blogging at Utah State University. A video of the talk is now online.

The lighting and sound are a bit rocky right at the beginning, but they’re great after that. 52 more words

New Ideas

You Can Make a Difference Online Too!

The world is not a perfect place but is not a bad place either. Here’s wickedness, inequality, injustice and many other bad things, but for the fact that there are such things in our world does not mean that we also are, at least not most of us (thankfully!) 394 more words

New Ideas