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Food for thought: 6 catering tips for your events

Your caterer is one of the most important and expensive (usually taking up about 40% of your budget!) vendors you’ll hire. And their impact isn’t just in the price. 601 more words

New Ideas

Beautiful Steampunk Style Lamp Fixtures

These classic and elegant desk and pendant lamps are designed by Australia-based company Edison Light Globes for those who aren’t ready to give up Edison-style filament bulbs. 78 more words

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When your time comes

So, I never thought I would be writing this article, in November, after a great start to the season but it’s here anyway. Tomorrow evening I will play my last game of competitive ice hockey. 416 more words

A Splattering of Thoughts

Hey guys,

Just popping in to say I’m in the midst of exam season and up to my eyeballs in essays (English major problems.) I am not abandoning my blog, I just may not be around until the middle of December. 296 more words


Ptp: Week 9

After the powerpoint peetcha kutcha, I really started thinking about how I can expand my page, more creatively. But this week, it really opened my eyes as to what I really want to do: I want to make a completely interactive website. 240 more words


Incredible Paper Sculptures

Wonderful 3D sculptures made by Canadian paper artist Calvin Nicholls.

Calvin has been creating paper sculptures since the mid 1980’s from his studio north of Toronto. 15 more words

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Paper Art by Maude White

Beautiful works of art hand-cut out of paper by talented artist Maude White.

Ordinary paper carefully transformed into birds, animals, humans, leaves, furniture, and whimsical characters.

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