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Interesting— Pay with Two Debit/Credit Cards

Apple.com presents an interesting option on their payment page (red arrow in screenshot below)—

When “Pay with two debit/credit cards” is clicked an additional payment option appears where you can split payment between two credit/debit cards— 8 more words



Hi there, Blogosphere!  I’m new here and know that there are a lot of blogs for your reading pleasure.  However, I hope this blog is one not just read, but discussed, commented on, and responsible for advancing ideas.   264 more words

The 'Complisult'

Many months ago I came up with this concept called the ‘complisult’. “What is the ‘complisult’?” one might ask. Hopefully you will know by the end of this blog entry not only what it is, but how it can be applied to every day life. 433 more words

The Green Owl

April 21, 2014


(Number 477)

The day after a miracle, you find out what you truly believe.









The American Mindset

April 20, 2014


(Number 476)

Only God can turn a murder plot into a salvation story.









The American Mindset

Week 15 Overview

This week was full of challenges including bouncing back from some serious emotional junk, a bowel prep and recovery, and figuring out a schedule that will include my future exercise plans. 217 more words


Innovation Metrics for a Library Department

For our assignment we have to come up with ideas on how to measure innovation in an organization. The organization I have in mind is a Library Department of a medium sized city. 452 more words