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Law of Attraction at Work: Musu's Season of Manifesting a New Job

The blog, Abundant Life Initiative was on brief hiatus, but I was still initiating an abundant life – more on that in future blogs. I’m back and I have brought along some friends who are initiating their own abundant lives. 1,334 more words


Broccoli Rabe

Before I start rambling on about broccoli rabe, I wanted to share some exciting news with you.

I recently accepted a position doing advertising sales and new business development with Viacom – Nickelodeon. 397 more words


Ch, ch, ch, CHANGES

Life is a funny, funny thing. It has a way of surprising you at the most random of times. I like it though. It keeps things fresh and exciting; nothing should stay the same for too long otherwise boredom sets in. 672 more words



Dit jaar heb ik een behoorlijke kaarten verzameling aangelegd. Het was een hectisch jaar met absolute hoogtepunten maar ook hele verdrietige tijden. Nu het einde van het jaar nadert zet het je aan het denken. 202 more words


Motivational Monday

I may be a little excited about this whole blog thing, and I simply could not wait a whole week to post again! With so many things happening, I knew I had to share my enthusiasm with you. 795 more words


[UPDATES] New job and the end of my hiatus!

It’s been a mad November so far for me, where did all the time go?! I’ve started my first real grown up job and I couldn’t be happier! 322 more words



It’s been a while little blog, this year of blogging has not been that great. Sometimes I’m so disciplined in life – all it takes is a little jolt to sidetrack me and starting again is quite hard. 468 more words

Baby Cat