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Week One

The first week was more chaotic than usual this year but in a great way.  Not all of my schools start at the same time, so I spent the first week at two of my institutions doing the usual first week thing and the week at my other institution doing all of the beginning of the year meetings.  1,280 more words

The Job

For the first time in 13 years, I am going back to work. Tomorrow morning, I start as the new office manager at my church. I hadn’t planned to go back to work for another year, but this opportunity just fell into my lap and the timing was right. 259 more words



The absence in writing over the past week and a half is the result of a 10-day stay-cation (a true vacation where you go nowhere for the purpose of relaxing) during my break between jobs. 269 more words

General Thoughts

Chapter One: Job Interview

I got off the bus, jumping off the edge to land on the concrete with a loud thud, my backpack jiggling behind me, and I scuffled through the pockets in my skirt for the little note. 2,221 more words


Fewer pictures, more writing...

Before I moved down here I had this idealistic intention to document the move and the first few months as a record for myself (and a way of forcing myself to write in complete sentences… funny how you stop doing that after you leave school!). 487 more words


Lunch Boxes, Bath & Bed.

Today is the last day of the school holidays and Oli, Rosie & Jack have finally slotted into the chilled holiday mood. Typical because tomorrow morning it will be back to school and we will be hurrying them out of bed, forcing breakfast down their gullets and ushering them out the door before they know what has hit them. 617 more words

Falkland Islands

back to school! er, I mean back to work!!!

The move, the transition from living/working in Chicago to New York City is complete…all that is left is being handed my new ID badge at orientation tomorrow morning! 210 more words