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Even if you get a job offer, the organization might not be the right place for you.

  1. It should help you advance. Getting a higher paying job or a different position will not necessarily help your career. You need to have some kind of a long term plan for your career with a clear expectation of where you want to end up.
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Don't Quit Your Job (Yet)

You’ve come to a breaking point- the romance is gone with your current employer. You’ve known it for a while, they may even know it too. 686 more words



I started a new job. Not a career job but a job job…something to keep my bank account rising and my mind sane.

So this new job is a barista job..in a coffee shop. 651 more words


New Job = Better Feminist?

I consider myself a feminist.  Really, how could I not?  I was raised by a strong woman who worked, raised three kids, cooked, cleaned and was able to fix anything.  390 more words


Motivational... Tuesday?

This is a great read for anyone who has been looking for a new role without much success! Break the rules…


Commodity Job Seeker: Make Sure This Isn't You

One definition of commodity is: “A basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type.” In the world of job search and career management, you do not want to be a commodity! 473 more words

Career Management (General)

a new warrior.

It has finally happened!
And I say finally like I waited a very long time and struggled and struggled, which I did not, but the excitement cannot be contained either way. 208 more words