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Abuse: whose share of the PIE?

Watching Antonioni’s Red Desert at the weekend – his first film in colour, his last before he reimagined the eerie London which is now further away, chronologically, than the London of Humphrey Jennings was when the City exploded and Canary Wharf went up – I thought despite myself of the recent book on 1965, the year of the film’s UK release, by… 2,726 more words

Political Field Sports

By Edward Oldfield

I have just returned from a holiday on the blissful Isle of Mull and the looming Scottish Referendum leaves me, and my stalker/ghillie friend Andrew, scared. 758 more words


@bruciebabe what a pitiful misunderstanding of Socialism and of Capitalism and of Free Market Forces.

If you go here:


you will see what is claimed to be an accurate description of socialism.

Below is a revision of that piece, from a different perspective: 770 more words


Disabled Man attacked by G4S Security at Newcastle Jobcentre

The culprit!

A sick & disabled man attends Newcastle JCP to use the phones to make an enquiry when he was attacked by G4S guard for using his mobile when they refused his request. 295 more words


The TUC And Workfare: Sadly It's Worse Than You Think

Just days after the TUC teamed up with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and Tory Ministe Nick Boles, to sing the praises of unpaid work… 598 more words