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A new language, make you a new person!

A new language, make you a new person! Speekee is an interesting website for kids up to 7 years old which teaches Spanish through authentic Spanish videos, puppets and song. 75 more words

Learning Spanish


I just got excited because I recognized my host mom’s voice. Then I started thinking about how much moving into a new culture makes you a baby again. 90 more words

Peace Corps

The Decline of Grammar

I believe the decline of grammar deals greatly with the birth of the texting era. Text messages and twitter accounts only allow a certain number of characters to be utilized to relay a message. 138 more words

August North

From @bb6cats

well it’s q&a wednesday again (12:01A)…know you’re partial,(more studied perhaps),to questions about #18 however, wondering if you have any insight into #10 eli’s performance vs. 922 more words

The Convenient Integration of Certain Languages... Could a New Hybrid Language Be Created?

So, I’ve been watching a lot of Japanese TV lately. And, because of that, I’ve picked up on certain phrases that are commonly used in Japanese: “thank you,” “good morning,” etc… And because of this, I sometimes will use the more well known ones to replace their English counterparts. 676 more words

Hey Watch Your Mouth! Ephesians 5, August 7, 2014

Scripture:  In keeping with our need for life change in sexual purity in Christ, let’s take look at how with talk to others:  “Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or course joking which are out-of-place, but rather thanksgiving.”  Ephesians 5:4… 115 more words

Creating New Language For Web Addresses and Email ID

In English what is the use of capital letters almost nothing except to know that it is proper noun or it is the beginning of a new sentence but full stop is in use for knowing that is the ending of a sentence.  114 more words