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7 Reasons You Should Totally Join The Peace Corps

The Peace Corps was in the news again this week, and it wasn’t good. A volunteer in China died, and everyone’s wondering whether or not his death could have been prevented. 1,627 more words

Fashion Faux Paw by Judi McCoy

Fashion Faux Paw

By Judi McCoy

It was a well-known fact amongst Madeline’s old friends (and by old I mean no longer), that she had ceased to associate with humans soon after, perhaps immediately after, she had completed her cadre of canines whom she was referring to as the Bloomsbury Group. 1,093 more words

How to learn any language in six months

1. Use the language as a tool to communicate daily!

2. Choose the language that is in your relevance, once your brain recognizes that it is for survival, it will get it. 159 more words


Two New Languages…Announced!

Here’s the questionnaire from that other time:

Before 2014 is up, I intend to undertake serious study of two languages, one of which is popularly studied and the other of which very much is not: 434 more words


Summer bucket list

Summer is a great time to make a fun bucket list. You can put anything you want on it from go fishing to reading that book you’ve been putting off.   113 more words
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Learning A New Language

So I really want to learn a new language. But I have no clue what to learn or how to learn it. I am already a native English speaker. 17 more words