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Je m'appelle Nadine


Yesterday, I had my frist French class, which I was very excited about. Being a Lebanese citizen people assume I know French because it is our second language, however, growing up in Qatar and being American English educated, I know 0.75% French. 223 more words


What to do when you have nothing to do

I’m the kind of person that is always busy. If I’m not busy (which is rare) I have to make myself busy. If I can’t make myself busy then I am probably very, very ill. 596 more words

... in my dreams

My dreams were always very important to me. I think, that most of the time I spend in my mind on thinking, planning, dreaming – and being in the real world, at the same time! 183 more words


A new language, make you a new person!

A new language, make you a new person! Speekee is an interesting website for kids up to 7 years old which teaches Spanish through authentic Spanish videos, puppets and song. 75 more words


I just got excited because I recognized my host mom’s voice. Then I started thinking about how much moving into a new culture makes you a baby again. 90 more words

Peace Corps

The Decline of Grammar

I believe the decline of grammar deals greatly with the birth of the texting era. Text messages and twitter accounts only allow a certain number of characters to be utilized to relay a message. 138 more words

August North

From @bb6cats

well it’s q&a wednesday again (12:01A)…know you’re partial,(more studied perhaps),to questions about #18 however, wondering if you have any insight into #10 eli’s performance vs. 922 more words