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"Jeoldae", "Eobseo", -imnida [Word of the Day Series]

These words are said repeatedly in kdramas and songs. I can think of many situations where I’ve heard

“Ani! Jeoldae ani!” But what does it mean??? 540 more words


That Tongue

“He doesn’t speak the language,
He holds no currency.
He is a foreign man.
He is surrounded by the sound.
The sound.”
-Paul Simon

“Say what you need to say.” 235 more words


New Language and Prayer

I have been learning a new language lately.  My grandson Jack is learning to talk more each time I see him and my husband and I have been learning his language. 482 more words


More Exercises for "Word of the Day" Series

Just in case the workbook link is either not enough or too much… I’ll give you a few exercises now. Check back tomorrow for the answers in the next WOTD post! 96 more words


Workbook Link ["Word of the Day" Series]

I said before I would try to provide some type of practice work for those who need it when practicing Korean. One site I love to use outside of the program I work with is Talk to me in Korean. 187 more words


Foreign Language and the Job Market

Right now, I’ve been told that the job market is really really really in the pits. It’s hard to find a job that leads to a career in the field we went to school for. 788 more words


"Jal moro gesoyo" [Word of the Day Series]

So how has building your vocabulary been working? Hopefully it’s been very beneficial. If you’re still struggling, there are other sites besides Memrise that allow you to create and use flashcards such as… 271 more words