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To Tailgate or Legislate? That is the Question.

Rep. Dave Ober of Albion, Indiana, has proposed language be added to a motor vehicle bill at the General Assembly this week that would clarify the responsibility of drivers not to lollygag in the passing lane. 757 more words

Sneak Peek: Michigan's New Genetic Parentage Act

In December of 2014, the Michigan Legislature passed the Genetic Parentage Act and the Summary Support and Paternity Act. The laws won’t take effect until March, but here’s a sneak peek at what to expect. 786 more words

Family Law

Senator Wastes Time On "No Hoodie Law"

Oklahoma state Sen. Don Barrington has proposed an amendment to a bill that makes it illegal to wear a “mask, hood, or covering” while committing a crime—except his addition would now make it against the law to wear them in public at all. 122 more words


2015 Law Grants illegal Immigrants the chance at a Vehicle License

Effective January 2015, the Department of Motor Vehicles will begin accepting applications for illegal immigrants to be given a state driving license.

This new law is geared to make life easier for immigrants and grant them the same privileges of most drivers today. 418 more words

New 2015 Illinois and Iowa Laws

Some laws in Illinois will effect large groups of people.

For drivers, the speed limit on Illinois tollways and interstates are now increased to 70 miles per hour for passenger vehicles, and 60 miles per hour for semis. 357 more words