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A Drop in the Bucket

“No, for all the nations of the world are but a drop in the bucket. They are nothing more than dust on the scales. He picks up the whole earth as though it were a grain of sand,”

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Born Free

“But we are descendants of Abraham,” they said. “We have never been slaves to anyone. What do you mean, ‘You will be set free’?” Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave of sin,” …

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Proverbs 9

Read: Proverbs 9

Verse(s) that struck me:

Proverbs 9:7-12

(7)  Anyone who rebukes a mocker will get an insult in return. Anyone who corrects the wicked will get hurt. 490 more words


God’s Creativity

The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. (Psalm 19:1, Holy Bible, New Living Translation).

Triple-digit heat scorched northern California again today, still two weeks before official summer.

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Holy Tidbit: A Grain of Hope

Wahoo! Holy Tidbits are back!! Sorry the lack of posts, Tuesday has become a busy day in the summer. Anyways, Today’s post is all about having faith and hope. 220 more words

Holy Tidbits