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Denzel Washington

Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is an actor, producer and director. He was born on December 28, 1954 in Mount Vernon New York. He went to Fordham University to study journalism and after graduation went to San Francisco to study acting. 61 more words

Take the plunge to self-employment

Take the plunge to self-employment
By Zan Azlee

Arif Rafhan, a close friend of mine, recently quit his full time job at an IT company where he was also a partner in to concentrate on, of all things, doodling.This is a person who has an extraordinary mutant-like talent for drawing and art but had been fully and gainfully employed for more than ten years in a field totally different. 306 more words


Why Republicans Have No Credibility

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman A. J. LaFaro is once again accusing Democrats of voter fraud (paving the way for the return of… 189 more words

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The Artists Plight to Employment

Art students have mixed feelings about internships. October is advising month and students will have the option to take an internship for credit. While some students look forward to the experience of an internship, others feel that they are getting enough experience with their independent projects and assisting professors. 344 more words

Salisbury University

These college freshman just invented a more effective way of spotting Ebola

What started out as an extra-credit assignment turned into a more efficient method of spotting the Ebola virus.

Emory University freshmen Rostam Zafari and Brian Goldstone are the brains behind Rapid Ebola Detection Strips (REDS). 296 more words

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The Not So Smartphone


My name is Jimmy and today I will be discussing the topic of smart phones. When the first smart phone was introduced, that was the most bought product of the year. 546 more words

Smart Phones

The B├ęzier Game

What a fantastic, simple, educational game for Graphic Designers. I often get frustrated by the pen tool in Illustrator and this nifty little game has already taught me a few things. 7 more words

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