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Drama di Hilversum Media Park Tadi Malam

Tadi malam waktu setempat, salah satu TV nasional di Belanda – NOS Nederlandse Omroep Stichting – diserang sama ABG umur 19 tahun yang mengaku sebagai hacker. 139 more words

Broadcast Management - Radio Netherlands Training Center

Watch out! This is what happens when you slam on the brakes during an ice storm

Next time you’re driving and hit some ice, don’t slam your brakes into the floor. All you will do is cause them to lock up. 21 more words

Caught On Video

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Five Tips For Staying Safe Online In 2015

The information superhighway that is the internet has grown to vast proportions. But the highway is also increasingly riddled with cracks and dangerous potholes. 2014 witnessed lots of significant breaches, ranging from a $40m cyber-heist by a Nigerian bank IT worker to the huge data leakage at Sony, in November. 604 more words

Note on “Invisibility, But At What Cost?” Noah Spivak - Avenue, 165 E. Hastings, Jan. 15 - 18.

Noah Spivak held a brief exhibition of recent work at Avenue, a gallery with very irregular hours, located at Vancouver’s notorious Main and Hastings intersection. The show was so fleeting that likely few saw it, which is a shame, because Spivak’s work holds more than a passing interest. 648 more words

Thorpe AND Democrats Don't Get The Irony

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Arizona Dems are calling Bob Thorpe a hypocrite (and rightly so) for his support for a ballot measure that would require future ballot measures to pass by 75% if they conflict with Federal Law. 141 more words

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#161MC : Old & New Media

The battle between new and old media: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23587385

  1. The Old Media or Legacy Media are traditional means of communication and expression that have existed since before the advent of the new medium of the Internet.

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