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Welcome to Swift NewMedia

Swift NewMedia provides original high quality content, media management and distribution to clients in vast variety of markets. Sole proprietors, artists, existing brands, new brands, entrepreneurs that take pride in their industry and craft that seek to add value to it. 35 more words

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Pokemon Transmedia

Ever since 1996, Pokemon has been surrounded by transmedia. If its not the trading card game or the tv show, its the handheld games that sell thousands. 147 more words

New Media

New Media - Design Process

The design process is almost a series of steps a designer would take in order to produce the best possible product/service for his or her client. 245 more words

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Game of Thrones Transmedia

GoT has a lot of transmedia attached to it.There’s the original books, the tv show, video games, websites (genuine and fan made) social media games, YouTube videos and board games. 217 more words

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Transmedia Research. WOT

Transmedia is telling a complex story through multiple forms of media.

Transmedia doesn’t usually focus on a single character, rather the world the characters are in (can maintain more than 1 persons story). 137 more words

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New Media - Transmedia

Transmedia is telling a story across a number of media platforms enabling a degree of audience participation and maybe even collaboration. Telling a story using this method allows the reader to experience the story in different ways, different sizes at different times of the day, submerging the reader in different forms of content of the same plot to further better the whole experience. 215 more words

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Interpretation of brief.

Yesterday we were presented with a brief to design and develop an app for ios or android.

We were given 4 different designs to choose from, and from what you have chosen you must identify your target audience who will most likely use the app. 14 more words

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