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Always carry batteries

Today I traveled for the first time and left the baby with grandma. It was a simple day trip. I did them all the time before she was born for work. 230 more words


Words to inspire

Came across this on instagram today and it’s soooo true. Once a mother you truly never go back to the person you were. I honestly cannot even remember myself from 6 months ago. 30 more words


How Feminism Begat Intensive Mothering

Feminism and motherhood have long been cast as feuding sisters, one always attempting to undermine the other. In this calculation, women had to choose between the independence, education and self-expression of the feminist path and the nurture, sacrifice and child-centricity of the family path. 443 more words


Confessions of an Accidental Attachment Parent

I’m pretty sure that wearing both your children for most of the day for several years counts as attachment parenting. But I’m here to tell you that, at least in my case, it wasn’t some kind of premeditated choice. 617 more words


Extreme Guide to Parenting....

So I recently caught this show and then I must admit that I started watching more episodes ON Demand.  I guess I found it really interesting.   220 more words


Words to Inspire: Change

Currently this really speaks to me…one of the things that I am learning to love about motherhood is all of the changes you have to make and so quickly.   18 more words