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The Diaper Bag

I’m about to blow your mind.

Hold on, it’s diaper bag time.

As a first time mother, or mother to be, you’ve probably packed all the essentials in your rectangular sack. 1,384 more words


All of Sudden True Love Happened

I would like to start off my saying that I have loved my daughter since the day she way born 5 months ago.

I was never the girl who grew up picturing herself marrying the perfect man in a perfect wedding. 505 more words

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5 Things a Pregnant Woman Does NOT Want to Hear

What is it about speaking to a pregnant lady that gets people all tongue tied and flustered? Is it my mammoth boobs that are distracting you? 788 more words

The beginning of becoming coupon crazy.

It all started with the TLC show “Extreme Couponing”. After one episode I was hooked. Seeing these men and women buying all of this stuff and with using coupons saved HUNDREDS of dollars some even got PAID!! 258 more words


My story

Everything began on a rememberable day in May 2013:

I found out in week 18/19 that I am pregnant, after several visits to all kind of doctors. 262 more words


11 months

I’m still technically a new mom, even though my son is 11 months old. We’re readying ourselves for the one year mark, the turning point in our lives, the climactic drop in this roller coaster of mommy hood and transition from infant to toddler. 291 more words

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