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Eat. Pray. Run.

My gosh, it’s been 3 months since I’ve posted; I am so sorry. Work has literally taken over my life, but everyone has excuses, I’m sure you don’t want to read mine. 300 more words

Celebrity baby: Ciara is holding up pretty good!

Ciara, new mommy of baby Future, is holding up pretty good considering her baby daddy Future cheated on her and because of that they are separated. 123 more words


Why we waited to announce it to the world.

We didn’t tell anyone beside out parents until the 2nd trimester. The reason was because we knew that the 1st 3months are the more “risky” months. 112 more words

Finding out I was pregnant

So people always ask if I was “taking care of myself” when I got pregnant and the answer is yes.! I was on the copper IUD(the 10yr one). 778 more words

Preparing For A New Baby

As the weeks are counting down for me and this third pregnancy, I’m becoming hyper aware of the fact that our family that has been 4 for what seems like so long is about to become 5.   608 more words


My Breastfeeding Journey

Its something I assumed would come naturally to me and my little boy. I had given it very little thought. All I knew was that I wanted to and was going to breastfeed my baby.   322 more words


Packing Your Hospital Bag...

Ok mommy so your due date is near and you still haven’t packed that notorious hospital bag. I was a procrastinator too. But when you do finally get up the nerve and strength to pack it. 383 more words