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Notes on a memoir: 'Omissions'

My biggest task during prewriting for the memoir is to uncensor myself. To tell the secrets I can tell, and to make peace with the ones that I cannot. 134 more words

I Am Who I Am

Early Nesting

At 21+ weeks, I am on the (what I like to say is) the better side of my pregnancy.. closer to the end!  While I know that  606 more words


Naming Your Baby

It’s a huge responsibility to name a person.  Think about that for a minute.. you’re giving a person the name that will appear on their drivers license, resume, and probably a wedding invitation some day.   747 more words


When Your Friend Has a Baby..

When your friend (or sister, coworker, cousin, etc) has a baby, sometimes we can’t get enough time with the new little squeeze.  They’re new, cute, and have that new baby… 772 more words

New Mommy

June Marie. . .

Happy Thursday and Happy July!!!

Well, you might be wondering where our Thursday post went.  Well…June Marie Archie arrived June 17th at 2:16am, and she’s awesome, amazing, and keeps us up most nights with her shenanigans.   94 more words


Oat My Goodness! A healthy breakfast for Mr.P!

Αγαπημένο συσταστικό στα φρουτοπουρεδάκια του Mr.P είναι πλέον και η βρώμη, που δίνει στο μικρό μου αντράκι την ενέργεια που χρειάζεται κάθε μέρα, για να κάνει τις απίστευτες ζουζουνιές που τρελαίνουν την mommy και τον daddy! 6 more words


Sleep Trainer in training

So after yesterday’s very rough day, my baby did me a solid and slept 11 hours total. He woke up a few times to feed but let’s be real- that is still amazing. 348 more words

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