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There are New Moons and Full Moons and then there are Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses. So what is the difference between them? They are technically the same thing, just more potent and a bit more meaningful because they are conjunct the axis of the South and North Nodes. 271 more words


Just a little full moon lunar eclipse poetry…


Those devoted to hunting Big Foot
Under the dark New Moon in Aries,
The full-bodied nighttime hunts, 152 more words


Saturn is growing a new moon!

Astronomers working at Queen Mary University of London were going through the treasure trove of data returned by the Cassini mission when they spotted something strange: a lump in one of the rings.   152 more words


New moon born in Saturn's outer ring

Scientists say they may have discovered the creation of a new icy moon hidden in the rings of Saturn.


As We See It

“The World is as We see it” was posted on the office wall of one of the bosses I used to have. I never talked to her about what it meant but I often thought about it. 346 more words

New Moons and Full Moons

With hosting my site through WordPress, I’m given the opportunity to see some of the search terms that people type in that bring them to my site. 367 more words

Intention for the start of the Blood Moon (Eclipse & Full) is...

The Moon cycle has summoned my attention of the last couple of years to align with my life intentions.  Special energies are upon the Earth with opposite stages of the Moon in a New or Full state.  58 more words