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The awe of loving...

I am constantly in awe of the love I have for my little man. It never gets old. Even after a trying day, I put him down and he finally gives in to his exhaustion, I stroke his face and squeeze his chunky hand before I leave him to his sleep, knowing I will miss him. 152 more words


The absurdity of advice...

N.B. This is my THIRD revision of this post, written in haste, after an evening of mental stewing. The short of this long article is this: … 892 more words


Excuse me while I fix my Celeste curls

My mother is a busy woman. She is a full time firefighter and also runs a travel business from home. While you’re probably thinking she’s the coolest mum around please know this. 667 more words


The hardest thing about life with Baby...

So yesterday a curious Mumma to be asked me, “what’s the hardest thing?”
Perhaps she asked me because she knows I’m passionately positive towards her kind and new mums, because there is more than enough woe-is-me and fear mongering material out there. 377 more words


"Tomorrow is another day..."

For my dads 70th birthday a few years ago we bought him a beautiful garden bench made from the root of an old tree and we planned to put a plaque on it with one of his favourite sayings. 567 more words


How To Be 10 People At Once...And A Nail Technician

Ok, do the truth is…I’ve not actually cracked this and not sure I ever will! But I wanted to do a ‘day in the life’ post to talk about what a typical day for me looks like at the moment. 273 more words


TMI Alert: Losing the mucus plug, what is it, why does it happen & should you be worried?

This is something that isn’t spoken about very often in the world of Mums, something that when I mentioned to my mum she actually didn’t really understand what I meant, when I told my best friend she said: “Like a plug on a sink?” And in a way she is exactly right – but it is about as a gross as a sink filled with soggy food! 471 more words