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Jealous Parenting...courtesy of the Internet?

As a first time parent, every day is certainly a school day. Just over a year ago, I had never known babies rolled over, never heard of a jumperoo and I certainly didn’t know that a blue tube inside a bottle would help with wind. 463 more words


What does motherhood even mean?

I never wanted to write about this. I actually never thought I would ever write about this. Especially so early into my motherhood experience. People who know me well, I think, would say that the term ‘i don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me’ sums me up pretty well. 2,855 more words


Light at the bottom of the curtain

Thank you, thank you wonderful, kind, caring Luis who, when he saw me slumping down in my chair after dinner two nights ago, made miracles happen. 370 more words


Hey, you on the bike...

I’m Suzi and I like cycling. That’s not always been the case, but now I can say I love it. Not only for the freedom it gives me, but also for how it is changing my body and head. 381 more words


Can we say it how it is without scaring people silly?

I vividly recall sitting in a crepe store as a young girl listening to some new mums talk baby. They had their entourage of bulky prams squished beside the table as the nattered about their experiences. 582 more words


(No) Method to the madness

So the wonder sleeps are already a thing of the past. But you know what? It’s no surprise really and I’m still so proud of the little guy for doing it once, that it’s ok that last night we were back to three feeds, and today he has practically refused sleep until now… It’s 2.02pm, he’s been asleep for about half an hour, and woke up at 7.45am this morning. 277 more words


One minute wonder #1

I have to contort my arm to pretend I’m not holding the bottle for my 4 month old because he is already fiercely (and inconveniently) independent. 32 more words