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How To Be 10 People At Once...And A Nail Technician

Ok, do the truth is…I’ve not actually cracked this and not sure I ever will! But I wanted to do a ‘day in the life’ post to talk about what a typical day for me looks like at the moment. 273 more words


TMI Alert: Losing the mucus plug, what is it, why does it happen & should you be worried?

This is something that isn’t spoken about very often in the world of Mums, something that when I mentioned to my mum she actually didn’t really understand what I meant, when I told my best friend she said: “Like a plug on a sink?” And in a way she is exactly right – but it is about as a gross as a sink filled with soggy food! 471 more words


Routine parenting...

We moved to a routine pretty quickly with Pat and to be honest, I don’t really know why. It just seemed like the right thing to do. 325 more words


Bushwalking bliss.

My son, T, is 20 months old. Despite working in the early childhood sector for 13 years & being a stepmum for three years, prior to T’s arrival, nothing could have completely prepared me for the rollercoaster of being a first time mum. 367 more words

Speed Crook

Miss Rose is a speed crook. Speed ninja crook.

If she is doing something she knows is naughty, and believe me she knows, and you catch her she will move at lightning speed to attempt to complete whatever crime she is in the midst of before you can get to her. 287 more words


Breast feeding

Now that actress Olivia Wilde has gone on and made breast feeding glamorous, I thought why not write a poetry on this most natural act. 165 more words


12 Best pieces of Advice to a New or Expectant Mother

Guidance I wish I knew before becoming a mummy!!!

Like many more before me, I have become a mother. Twice over now. And although these have become, hands down, the two most wonderful experiences of my life, they certainly didn’t come without their difficulties, their ups and their downs. 2,336 more words