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My "Get Fit" Plan (Mums' List #10)

In my pedometer challenge post I loosely set out my “get fitter and healthier and much less visually offensive” plan. I am woefully unfit, so I’ve had to break it down into four parts, because attempting it all at once would be the death of me. 698 more words

New Mum

My crying baby

Somebody help me, with my crying baby,
I just want a hot cup of tea, a shower and a wee 
Won’t you come and watch her, and play with her a bit, I won’t be long I just need a few minutes to sit,  164 more words

An Insight to my Life.

I sometimes sit and wonder how i got so lucky in life, right now in this very moment things are near perfect. I am married to my soulmate, we have a beautiful home to call our own and this year gave birth to a baby boy. 1,181 more words


WHY to wean your baby, even if you can't stomach it

Perhaps you were one of those Mums who went straight in to milk production like a pro dairy farmer. You showed the boob to your baby and milk exchanged from your body to theirs like air going in to a balloon. 861 more words

New Mum

I'm becoming a pervert #bodyenvy!

Bit of a odd one for you here & honestly, it may well just be me that has this issue.

My other half said to me at the weekend “Recently, you look at women more than I do!” I was like ermmm do I? 175 more words


Survival Tips For New Mums

I decided to do a post for first time mums and how to cope the first few weeks of having a newborn. You might think you are prepared, you might have read all the books and searched all of the answers to any questions you had, but it is still a big adjustment bringing your baby home for the first time. 535 more words

Baby Steps

I have finally got to the part where I can sit and tell you MY story of how my life changed some five months ago. It was the most beautiful moment I had ever experienced and life just keeps getting better alhamdulilah! 131 more words