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Childbirth - secret or over share?

In my PB (pre-baby) life, I heard my fair share of birth stories. Some from friends and family who had recently become mums but most of the tales were from near perfect strangers who were eager to share some of the most personal details of their body and birth to my naive and unsuspecting ears. 755 more words


11 things that I didn't know...

There are lots of things I thought about when I imagined being a mum and definitely more so when I became pregnant. I pictured these perfect scenarios cuddling my baby and going places with him but there are many things that I didn’t know I would feel or do for him: 485 more words


Review - Don't Buy Her Flowers

Don’t get me wrong – I like a lovely bunch of flowers as much as the next girl – but sometimes people can drown in them. 680 more words


Someone's world.

Being a mum is a huge responsibility. You think about it before you have a baby and then while you’re pregnant but nothing can prepare you for how huge every decision feels when you are responsible for someone else’s life. 644 more words



Since falling pregnant I have noticed there are a lot of things that wear you down, whether it be your emotions being all over the place or the fact that you can’t tie your shoes. 286 more words


New Mum New Talents

When you become a mum you suddenly develop some new found talents. Here is a pick of my favourite new mum skills:-

1. The one-legged 60 second shower… 365 more words

Am I in labour?

38 weeks pregnant, I finished work on the Thursday, and relaxed all weekend. Me and my husband went shopping on Monday. We got some bits for the baby’s room which I had just finished painting! 405 more words

First Time Mum