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Listen: Gypsy Cab Company - "Winter's Coat"

“Winter’s Coat” is an evolving track, that grows and expands into a beautiful piece with soft keys, soaring vocal harmonies and a heart-warming feel.

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Listen: Brave Radar - "Message Center"

Minimalist Montreal group Brave Radar led by Conor Prendergast and Tessa Smith are on point with their latest piece, “Message Center”. 

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Watch: Owen Pallett - "Song for Five and Six"

Owen Pallett‘s got a third music video to accompany his forthcoming release, In Conflict. The video, directed by Jeff Scheven, holds lovely performances by students of the… 132 more words

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Listen: Luluc - "Without a Face"

Luluc is a recent indie-folk signing to Sub Pop Records, whose newest album Passerby will be out just in time for summer. The Brooklyn/Melbourne-based duo bring you a light, softly orchestrated track with french horn and tender vocals.  

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Aerosmith's 'Dream On' Performed At Boston Marathon [VIDEO]

Aerosmith proved over the weekend that they have still got it. The band (which is really just Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at this point) performed their iconic jam, “Dream On,” with Southern California’s Children Choir in honor of the Boston massacre. 109 more words


Listen: Papercuts - "Life Among the Savages"

Papercuts‘ “Life Among the Savages” is a beautifully lush track, featuring symphonic orchestration and heart-warming melodies.

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Listen: Awning - "Two Against Me"

Awning‘s Two Against Me is out. The album blends elements of soft-spoken electronica and folk nicely, and is a great listen for sunny summer hangs.

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