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Daniel Radcliffe's Chamber of Secrets Includes Mad Rap Skillz [VIDEO]

Daniel Radcliffe put the “rad” back in his name last night by rapping on The Tonight Show–because you can’t just hang out with Jimmy Fallon and plug a new movie likes… 95 more words


New OK Go Video: 'I Won't Let You Down' Reliably Overblown [VIDEO]

OK Go have a new video–and “I Won’t Let You Down” will not let down fans of the band’s overblown videos. It begins simply enough with these cool Honda unicycles, and we’re hoping someone at Honda’s marketing department was smart enough to call OK Go to pitch these things. 122 more words


Foo Fighters Finally Do Foo Fighters Song On "Late Show" [VIDEO]

It was a big week for The Late Show with David Letterman, as the week-long residency by the Foo Fighters became about a lot more than just plugging… 140 more words


Foo Fighters Salute Cheap Trick, Keep Letterman Residency Cool [VIDEO]

The men of Foo Fighters could’ve just spent their week-long stint on The Late Show with David Letterman plugging their new album–but instead, they’ve been busy bringing in guest stars for a great week of covers. 154 more words


Listen: James Irwin - "Everything Passed Me By"

Written by Sarvenaz Amir-E.

There are memories hiding everywhere in the city. If they were all on paper, there would be piles and piles of them; stacked up on the corner of a street, in an alleyway, under a tree, or behind a wall.  189 more words

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Courtney Love’s Isolated Vocals Will Put a Hole in Your Soul [VIDEO]

Punk rock isn’t supposed to be “good” in any kind of professional or technical sense, right? It’s all about raw slop and ragged passion and the screaming power of an unbridled musical moment. 308 more words