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Blood And Sun: White Storms Fall LP + CD (red with gold haze)

And this quality release came today from Pesanta Urfolk. Awesome neofolk/dark folk album by Blood And Sun. Some may say that Pesanta’s releases are expensive but hey, considering the quality I can assure that these albums are worth every penny. 72 more words

New Ones

Week 30 - hmm.. few awesome releases coming this way & blah blah..

As I stated in the header, there’s coming up few beautiful releases in near future. Anyways, here’s my list for this week. Choice is Yours. 305 more words

New Ones

Alessandro Cortini: Sonno 2xLP (clear)

Third double album from Alessandro Cortini within two past years, released this time by Hospital Production. So, this came today from Boomkat and in perfect condition as usually. 113 more words

New Ones

Election '14

Sooooo. The announcement’s tomorrow. Dad told me it’ll be at 4 in the afternoon. Who’s ready to hear our new president and vice-president? :)

Anyways, let’s just hope for the best, shall we? 39 more words


Eduard Artemiev: The Mirror / Stalker LP (OST)

I spotted this release on Denovali’s distro and decided to purchase this with those labels own releases I have already written about on this blog during last few days. 71 more words

New Ones

Week 29 - little late night update of some interesting records.. (UPDATED 07/19)

Uuuh.. little update of records I have been watching this week. Nothing that special nor so limited but interesting and worth of purchase (in my opinion) but as we know, choice is Yours. 254 more words

New Ones

Talvihorros: Eaten Alive LP (swamp green/royal blue)

Oh, the other one from Talvihorros, “Eaten Alive” which also came yesterday from Denovali. Sounding.. beautiful, simple as that. Little do I know about ambient, drone, experimental music but one thing I know, my ears do not lie. 45 more words

New Ones